Sunday, February 22, 2015

Daleks and Me, Backstory

Tom Baker is my doctor. 

Let's clear that up right away. I watched the show on Canadian television courtesy of Seattle's cable companies (too many hills, lousy reception, Anglophile mom: Doctor Who every week). And we got the fourth doctor, and eventually the fifth, and then reruns of just those two in perpetuity. Colin Where? Sylvester What?

The reboot has been a part of my children's lives. We are Whovians, let's just leave it at that.

I don't know why I did an internet search on "dalek fabric"
which took me to Spoonflower, but it did lead to a lot of work there for the last few years.

bimetal dalek - also comes in blue and red

Particularily the Dalek Autopsy pages
These are the references that I relied on for this build.

Saw this very sad thing in the meantime
This poor fellow lives at the EMP Museum in the Paul Allen's badly curated section of stuff in vitrines for no recognizable purpose but to keep the dust off them

Or maybe to keep us off them
Why yes, that is a vintage WilliWear shirt! Thank you!

Check out the blog attached to this

Finally got my act together to make a grill fabric for the eventual costume I assumed I would be making for another friend. 

Which ended up being for me.

So I made a pair of jeans. And then a vest to go with them to wear to the 50th anniversary show screening. 

So this week I'm working on the accessories and another pair of jeans for the PR contest.

Hope the weather where you are is being reasonable!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Jeans Heart Shaped and Bottom Up

Getting ready for jeans on Pattern Review,  I got all excited about the competition and then I read the rules. Denim, max lycra 5%. Oh like I CARE about the lycra.....

My dream jeans are Kenneth King's Fortuny jeans.
Screen grab from Kenneth King's "Jeanius!" class, which I cannot endorse enough.

In fact, I'll wager few of those jeans in this shot are denim (center back are moleskin I believe). I believe jeans are the style, not the material.

But it's not my contest. 
I've had my pity party,
 put the brocade upholstery away...

and I only meant to cut out a muslin today, and figured, well, damn, might as well make the denim ones the muslin for the brocade ones to come.

One thing led to another...

And now I have the front pockets and pieces done. Will work on back and side seams tomorrow.

Yes, it was cheap and stretchy and JoAnn's. And I fell in loooooove

I've been trying to make a heart shaped yoke jean for awhile, too chicken to commit fabric to figure it out. The floral was supposed to be that, but I just didn't have enough material to cover it if it failed, and as ever, I get too fond of the 'muslin' fabric and ...go with a slight variation. These were version 5.5 of the cloned jeans, with the side seams rebalanced to the front by 1/2".

It is a little obsessive, but once I got within 1/2" here and there of the perfect fitting, perfectly comfortable jeans, it has been hard to stop. (oh, just go hit the 'jeans' in the label cloud. I got a million of these things....).

And then puttering around on Closet Case Files, I found this link to a Ginger remake with something called Bottom Up jeans by Liu Jo. Go read it. I'll be in the kitchen.

Liu Jo "Bottom Up" jeans 2014. 

Voila! Okay, so they don't fit the model very well.  The yoke gets wider towards the sides, and there's a horizontal dart midpocket. Just in case you are more KimK than JLo.

And a shout out regarding the pocket placement: it lines up with the center seam, not the yoke seam. Much better to my mind. Almost distracts from the side to side folds; poor, flat model!

I'm not doing the side dart, not that I don't need one, but I am doing that reversed yoke. In the perfect, unsubtle world, I would have a heart shaped effect with the yoke seam (slight dip in the center, rounded yoke that drops out on the side.  

For these jeans,  I want the yoke seam to line up with the pocket seam at the side seam; I don't want the front pocket outside edge to dip that low (don't want a slash pocket).  

This pair is made from some heavy 28" Japanese selvage denim, and I'm using the selvage and the reverse as contrast, so I don't want to get really busy looking.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

What have I been doing? THIS is what I've been doing!


Spike heels and 'jamas! Don't mess with Heather Lou!

Tula Pink Bees: this is redonkulously soft cotton. 

 Rick rack! Overwide non corded piping! What is not to like?
Tiny fitting note at top left: I had to drop the crotch for the mom anatomy.

All the deets on stylin' and sizin' later; I am as sick as a pup can be, and should not be typing anything for the interwebs

And they are very comfortable to be sick in (not exactly what I was planning on today....)!
(Stay warm, get that flu shot, and see me later!)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Self Shaming Into Cleanup 2015

Sick at home and shaming myself into finishing or giving up on the giant piles of UFOs.
For your amusement, and sheer terror, may I present:

the 2015 "I'm gonna's"

mendables, remodelables, rendered into useful scraps
I could describe it all, but it does fall into some tropes: things I love that I just can't give up on (sweaters with holes), projects that were interrupted for jobs, and worst of all: fabric I love made into wadders that I think I should be able to rescue.

what I had, what I scrapped, what I'll work on this year

The worst of these is that blue green scrap in the center. It's a failed Spoonflower kona print that we will talk about some other time. I picked out what I knew I wanted to have, and dumped the rest.

yarn, yarn, ribbon: peewee? Saving the ribbon and the PeeWee trading sets. Selling off or donating the yarn. I can't knit for any length of time anymore; it's pretty, but it shames me.

Raincoat pattern under way ; where?
Granted, I've been sick (this year's flu is a nasty customer), I've been working on two or three projects at the same time, and there's that rick rack thing. So I haven't done the big clean between projects, at least I kept the space around the machine tidy. 

But this is maximum chaos, even for clutter lovin' me.

next blouse pattern for Craftsy in the stripes

how does she work in here?

It's an utter mystery.