Friday, October 21, 2016

Ikat Bag Owns All The Bag Tutorials

If you have ever considered making a bag, a handbag, a dopp kit, a pencil case
ANY of those things, 
go read this. 
Loads of linked tutorials, you will need to bookmark this one and return again and again.

She is a gift, a public service and a genius.
Go and be enlightened.
Go now!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

YSL The Perfection of Style at Seattle Art Museum

So this opened this week in town.

And all I had to do was ride one bus from my house to see it.

This is just the first room of dresses. There are over a hundred dresses and ensembles on display, with videos and jewelry and walls of fabric swatches. It's breathtaking and exhausting.

I am on a deadline and I don't have time to write up the best post about this exhibition right now. 

But you need to see this show, and let me show you why.

From the first collection,with examples through the end of his career, there are two walls of these swatch/style/model pages.
It's enough to make you dizzy.
I love how I've snuck Barbara into this (she's in the center).

look at that pencil line! Oh good god that's beautiful.

I will come back to this page. Mostly the Mondrian's are made of wool jersey, but one is twill and another looks a little like serge. 

sorry this is out of focus; I will get a better shot later

Pages are taped and pinned together, but the clothes are drawn on the grid sheets, overlapping and addressing each other. 
The effect is mesmerizing, both as a set of figure drawings and as a gradual evolution of the style of the house. 
It's the show in one room, with swatches.

Oh there are dresses. There are hats. It's actually overwhelming and I felt burnt out at the end. I ran out of camera battery so the photos stop after a THIRD of the exhibit.
It's big.

Which brings me to my point: if you can get to Seattle, see this. The ticket is hefty (thanks Library program
I love the Seattle Public Library with all my heart

Yes, tickets are 25$. And for once, it's worth it. Take the day, you can leave and come back in (lunch break).

 At this point, my camera battery is dying and I have to be super choosy about what I'm going to photograph. There will be more. And I bought a spare battery.

HATS! Let's just stay in this room! Forever and ever!

 The breakdown on printing in this one case was amazing.

They did get to haul out the 1965 Wesselman to hang with the 1965 Homage to Wesselman dress.

We'll talk about one this next week.
And I will have gone again. 

We miss a lot out here in the PNW. We're a cul du sac of culture, as we aren't 'on the way' to somewhere else (the big tours never came here, from either side of the area). 
But now and then,  the stars align!