Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ernie Comics / Comic Book Plus

Going back to work at the Football Index, which means I'm not sewing as much.
And making some costumes, which means I am, just not for public consumption until August.

That was an hour I don't get back, turning that three foot, lycra lame tube. And the client didn't like it.
The client did like this. It was dyed from a hot pink. Terrible photo on purpose.

And for your entertainment, a wonderful FREE resource for old comics. 

My secret is cookies, btw.

Full of loads of 'laffs' and great advertisments!

Friday, June 10, 2016

More Gussets

I do get into a weird tunnel vision now and then. 

I want to come up with a simple, flat, one or two piece woven shirt pattern that has cut on sleeves. And it would be helpful to add a gusset to deal with the usual pinchy gathering at the armpit.

It makes a weird level of sense.

I mean, it adds back in the curves you lose when you take out the separate sleeve.
Now all I need to do is actually finish this pattern draft up. But all I do is spend more time researching it.

Live in fear of an obssession.....
gusset trouble

Sewing Bee gusset