Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spoonflower Ultra Lawn Looking Goooooooood

Got my swatch set from Spoonflower yesterday, and the swatches are washed and ready for the verdict.

So far the ultra process has been good; little to no crocking, deep dark colors. I'd show you the photos from the poplin test BUT THE PUTER ATE THEM.

So this is the Cotton Lawn.

Top is unwashed, bottom under rip is machine washed and dried

The bottom on the Dalek print is wrinkled and perfect.
Did you see that?

This may just work yet.

It remains to be seen how far off grain these print up. The swatches are off by 1.5" from side to side (I rip to test), but I don't hold them to grain for the swatches. Yardage is where it counts. 
And that's after the next paycheck. Hobby's gotta pay for itself.

But right now, I'm happy.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Seating for one

Apparently I will do anything to avoid finishing the Bristol top from Sewing Workshop. It has more to do with the fabric I'm using as a test muslin than the pattern itself.

And since the file on my computer that stores the billions of photos I use on this blog is 


I'm going to share a new product I have found.

Now I am all about beating a pattern into the ground. How many ways can I make that shirt? Oh, about five. How many uses for old pantyhose? You get the idea.

And here is an old friend, Seat Sack

And it's grown up version

This is the Executive size!

God bless 'em. Comes with a filing cabinet buddy! 

I do applaud making the 'to be filed' container something to be attached to the file drawer, encouraging nonfiling and yet keeping the nonfiled kinda near the cabinet. Just in case. 

You've worked there. You know.

For reasons I don't understand, our former elementary school had the Another Brand Of Seat Sack on the back of every chair that was designed to fall over backwards when a Seat Sack was added to it. The molded chair on the left; that works because the legs are farther apart, and the extra weight is distributed over them. The wooden upright chair in the center: no, falls right over. No fault of Seat Sack. This didn't stop anyone from getting me to sew up knockoffs that  had the same problem, but were made out of cheaper, donated materials that ripped when overloaded. Double the odds, double your fun; when will it fail? And how?

No knocks on Seat Sack/Office Pack. They make a solid product, albeit one you could knock off in about a minute. I'll wager their materials are pretty good, better than mine, and costing that out, makes their product a better deal.

I do worry that the filing cabinet buddy is going to stick when you close the drawer, but I give them solid marks for recycling.

And people that don't sew need this stuff.  Just remember: Seat Sack does not defy gravity cause it's the LAW.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pride and Prejudicial Hats

Hats. I'm on the hats for this one. I'm still hip deep in it, but I gotta get back to work, so here's a photo story about....hats.

Mrs Bennett's mob cap, early days of pleating

Gather? Yes? No.
Mrs Bennett's hat needs more shiny
Much more shiny....

Also on Vest Patrol: Mr Darcy's future vest, versions one and two 

This bonnet owes it's life to Lynn McMasters and the Oregon Regency Society

Come to think of it, the whole show does.

Later, it gets feathers. And a bird.

The feathers read okay from here. But you can't see the bird...
This is the all upholstery production.

Which sorta goes without saying