Sunday, January 27, 2019

Your 2019 Target Valentine Round Up

Target has the valentines aisle going now.
There's some time value information in this post, thus it's being posted today.
Plus those Thanos boxes are going to go quickly.
There are NO conversation hearts at all, FYI.

This is all Valentine. No sewing. Some snark.
There were a lot of them I did not bother mentioning here.
Sorry Shopkins and Paw Patrol, and all the Princesses.

This is an annual pilgrimage for myself. 
Just some princess. Not all. Ooooh no.

Clearly, I love this stuff. 
It's fuzzy. A velvet heart. A classic.
What follows....maybe less so.

I loved and still adore Valentines Day store bought valentines. I have a lot of them. I have a large file of photos of them.
These are mostly the ones I did not buy for you.
Click to enlarge. Unless noted, my photos taken at Target.
But clearly, NOT MY CREATIONS.

Darth doesn't do chocolate

Sorry, Darth doesn't do dark chocolate.
That's wrong.

BB8 has stolen someone's thunder

Sadly, that came true.The never part, anyway.

Stormtroopers never seem to get old. There were Praetorian guard Pez dispensers as well.

I am baffled at why this has crossed over from the more logical use of this sort of thing with the Jurassic Park dig it fossil set.
In the same, make a godawful mess for a piece of plastic imbedded in the middle. You get a gem OR a coin. Booooo! A mess AND a choking hazard or three.
Why god why?

But let's get to the paper goods.
Because licensing. 
His agency is working with Print All Over Me now.
Okay, that's one fabric related citation.
Sue me.
Actual nonbranded valentine number two
His second year at Target. He must be over by now.

Sequel specific. I love how the pencils are lined up to show the whole image.
Sadly, the photo of the box to the left did not come out. So, screen grab time:
photo from Target website

Taco Time Valentines. They were really charming. Non Branded valentine number one.
Not to be confused with Taco Time restaurants

Or the Taco Bell valentine (screen grab)
No Chimichanga valentine love.
Also no Deadpool2 instore official valentines.
You had to go online for those.
Cable gets no love.

More sequel valentines, but no candy. Just Lego, and the most expensive one that didn't have velvet and chocolates in it

screen grab from Target webpage

This is a show that's premiering on Nickelodeon TODAY. Who knew? I assumed it's a sendup of mashup memes on the internet, but it's got merch and everything
How does it have 42 reviews? The show hasn't premiered yet.

January 27. Can you say 'manufactured hype thing'?
Clearly, I am fond of it. 

Valentines in disguise?

I was honestly hoping for all the SpiderVerse folk, Spider Noir, Spider Ham, Peni Parker, but no. It's still your Grandfather's Spiderman.

I did not buy these. I thought about it very hard, but I have a lot of valentines and not so much space. I am kind of hoping I will find other non puzzle valentines for her.
Her breasts are normal size in the puzzle image (relative to her biceps). In the others, they've taken her up a cup or two. And this is a good idea why?

So, clearly I bought some.

Which ones?
front and back of purchased box. You go look them up.I'm tired.
This set, because Captain Marvel is in there, as well as Daisy/Quake from AoS, and Ms Marvel, and Squirrel Girl (though they are the Rising comics versions, not Erica Henderson's run of SG) And SpiderGwen.
The scented tattoos will have to live outside for awhile, as....scented is not for me.

This was the only difference between the regular set
and the set I bought:
Eight valentines and a premade Valentine collection box. Which is CHEATING, kids.

Which I paid $4 for, mostly for this version of the Thanos card.
I mean, why the hell not?

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Our Patron Saint's Centennial Year Begins Today

Today, January 23rd, 2019, is the 100th anniversary of Ernie Kovacs' birth.
I love Ernie, he's why this is called ErnieK Designs.
(I know: he didn't sew, I don't make television)
I did this homage for a cartoon gallery show in the 80s on 'our heroes'. Click on it to make it really big if you want a 'splainer of my devotion.
Not shown here: my EEFMS card. The copies of his books. The biographies I've worn out. The VHS tapes of the tv stuff, the entire DVD set. The Edie wing.
You could not have a better patron saint as a creative person.
It's the 'back of the head' stuff that keeps it interesting.

The Nairobi Trio

Josh Mills, Edie Adams' son and keeper of the flame, has put out all of his work he can find through Shout Factory. 
TCM ran a marathon today of his work.
(I don't get cable anymore, but I ran my own)
Kovacs wrote this for Mad Magazine. Illustrated by Wally Wood, also genius.
the third eye, from his Wikipedia page
how the third eye is done, two cameras, one masked off.
It's not about the tricks, it's about the story you can tell with that trick image

Most of the Silent Hour, starring Eugene.
Kovacs Corner channel on YouTube has lots and lots to watch.

Another homemade piece of art in the sewing cave, with tv and microphone charms.

Nothing in moderation indeed.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

ECCC march to March 2019

The minute you post the post, you find what you're looking for.
This is what I'm thinking about.
As much as I like putting a lot of detail into something, I think this is the casual look I'm going to be happiest with. I do like the "I SEE YOU" interplay with more interpretive, less strictly reproductive costuming.

Let's say I wanted to make a layered hoodie. 
My favorite 
The Volantes make some sweet sweet stuff. Textures and layers and oooh la la.

The Wraithe hoodie back detail

Knight Hoodie
Duncan Knight hoodie
You get the idea. Overlap and layered pieces to indicate separate, heavier shapes.
The pattern for the helmet has similar layering. 

And making patterns from scratch when you don't have to is silly. And I bought this pattern years ago, so bpffffff

These are some others' drawings, my sleeve sketch.
It's a work in progress.