Thursday, January 24, 2013

Handcrafted Duct Work

Well, the holidays are always busy with making things for family and friends, minding kids and making foods.
As well, sometimes the holidays are about making it warmer.
And what could be more heart and soul warming than central heating, properly distributed throughout the domicile?
Previous remodeling of kitchen (not shown, but located above this photo) sent this duct to the interior of the new kitchen island. So for some time, we've had very warm pots and pans.
And now, the heat is vented to the actual room. Lots of metal cutting, shoving, not as much profanity as I had expected, and the retrofit is done.
I should mention, for the concerned, that the reduction in duct size works with the reduction in air traveling through the smaller ducting (lever on left side cuts down on air flow).

Unfortunately, now my son's room on the top floor is overheated. Gotta work on that one.

In conclusion, sometimes alterations include tin snips and hand drills. As much as I enjoy mixing it up between the tool shop and the sewing table, this puts new meaning into the word 'retrofit'.