Monday, March 30, 2020

The coolest mistakes I've made last decade

"You have your first set of build plans, and then you have the plans from after you've built (it) "
You make a thing, and then you make it right.

December 2019 Popular Mechanics, page 8

I cut the sleeve too short because I used the lining pattern piece rather than the fabric pattern piece.

I have made this V1664 Miyake as a shirt to great happiness, using a totally traced off pattern (so no original landmarks). As a completely finished moleskin jacket, it really would like full length sleeves. To resolve this expensive and time-intensive jacket, I inserted extra purchased moleskin fabric.
Is it a bug or a feature?

 Inserted upside down. Very subtle error here, which I cannot stop myself from pointing out. Must stop doing that. Is here the place to start? No. You aren't strangers in a crowded elevator (or maybe that's what this blog really is).

I cut one piece cross grain, for visual interest. Yes, I preshrank. It still has a lot of shrink left in it. Shrinks and  fights with itself.  The point where the hem is slanting up is the seam where the fight is happening the most.
Now, these pants look really cool. They feel great, but you can see where this is going. Keeping them out of the dryer does not prevent them from shrinking. 

I cut the pants out of  overly lycra'd stretch woven fabric that won't stop shrinking. 
I got this fabric from Fabric Mart, there were no fiber contents listed on the website besides cotton. Came in with 8% lycra, and DAMN. I no longer have these pants, as they moved from "too short with too much elastic in the fabric" to "every time I wear these, I don't need to shave my legs and OW that hurts". Which is a shame because that print was WILD.

It was made of silver grey cotton with a silvery leaf pattern woven in. Yes, I dream about this fabric.
(sorry, no photo)
I cut a Burda without adding seam allowances.
This one stings. 1980. One of the first things I ever made of a Burda magazine traced pattern, with some super spendy Italian shirt cotton I purchased at  The Stitch, a lovely fabric store on University Way. I had made this shirt once -  perfectly - out of a bedsheet. And the next time, I forgot to add the seam allowance. Now, I hung onto this, and yes, I did fit into it some years later. I had been ill and lost a bucket of weight. But I did wear it. Once. Just once. In 1995. And I did let it go, so it would stop laughing at me, my mistakes, my chubb arms....

Stay safe, kids

Friday, March 20, 2020

I am working at work

My job is talking to people all day. It's phone customer service, nothing special, but a lot of our customers are old people.

That was also the case for the last job. most of that was coaching folks over the phone on how to  use their computers to access our product. Which turned into teaching them about the Internet.

This job has turned into counseling old people on not living in fear.

One quick and entertaining piece of advice:

Be Max Brooks.

As for me, I come home from work, play solitaire, pet the cat, and go to bed.
I'm exhausted from talking people down from their fears. At least ten of those people hadn't spoken to anyone else all week And that was just today. 

I'm not doing much sewing. I will again soon, I do have some stuff I need for work, but I'm just worn out.

What I feel I am doing that is necessary is talking to people who are worried and need someone who isn't a family member to express their concerns to.
Some of the concerns are petty. That's cool
Some are profound. That's pretty damn cool.

What I want to leave you with:
don't judge people for their feelings.
They get those. They need those.
Judge yourself on your actions.
Examine what you really need.
If you can share, do.
If you are in need, ask for help.
What brings us together makes us better.

We will meet again on the other side of this, and I want to know that I was the best person I could be in the duration.

In the meantime, call your family. Check in with your friends. Call your neighbors.

They need to hear your voice.
I know, because they told me so today.