Saturday, May 6, 2023

Insufficient Allure

Read full text and please let's chat about this in the comments.
I have questions.

The abstract says

Creative pattern cutting really pushes the boundaries of design. It is a luxury that breaks all traditional rules. The whole process, however, is costly, in both the use of cloth and the time it takes to produce a pattern. This article examines creative cutting from final year fashion students. It celebrates the students' individual philosophies towards creative cut and examines how the industry promotes pattern cutting to students as a viable career option. The role of the pattern cutter can have as much glamorous allure as the role of the designer, although it is at a lower key. Its allure comes from creative satisfaction and integrity. The article also discusses the realistic and commercial cost implications in the production of creatively cut garments and suggests pragmatic ways to maintain this luxurious creativity with cost effectiveness.

The tone is off. The place that the article is coming from feels like an AI wrote it; a topic was arbitrarily chosen and a set of quotes and citations were recited. It doesn't hang together, the abstract sounds like a different article and the conclusion is inconsequential. 

I have tried to read this for almost a year. I finally staggered through part of it today.
And the point of this was ?
(if you know more about this, explain please)

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

The Mad Hatter Columbia Pictures 1940

 There are a number of reasons I wanted to share this

(it ran this morning on Toon In With Me on and some of them are about Maisie's time management skills

She gives herself five minutes to get ready for work and get to work. There's a family member who would have enjoyed this cartoon this morning, but she gives herself five minutes as well, so she didn't have the time.

the clock a few minutes until

the office job she's going to

an editorial comment about women's makeup

She's going to get that bus

while it careens out of reach

she gets it, just in time for it to stop and her to pay the fare

Cram into the elevator

and make it with no time to spare

some outlandish examples of hats
the hat she came in with, with a blue bow

too big

chapeau a la mode

the latest from Paree

the droopy ear

the Princess Eugenie's convertible snood

A night in Venice
The ship hat we have covered before, but a short digression:

and a modern day maker
one more
one more from them on Etsy

Back to our motion picture
the garden party hat

the perfect model 36

and more of them are about the stereotypes of hat makers
we alert the workroom below

I need to make a GIF of this

each in their padded, numbered cell

Number 36 is summoned from his padded cell

there is enough queer bating coding in this sequence to turn your stomach

of course she loves it

and she buys it. In 1940, $1.98 would be $41.98 today

A parade of hats

A mob of hats

at the end, the narrator asks us to pity the "once happy carefree normal men"

(now reduced to stereotypes of nonconforming individuals) now hat designers. the shame!

Yes, one has a mohawk. In 1940

we end on the cat spitting at Maisie in her hat

Comments online about this mention that the discovery that mercury (used in the manufacture of felt hats) destroyed the brain happened in 1941, the year after this cartoon was made.

 I don't think it would have changed the tone: women are foolish and hat designers are queer-coded lunatics.

Personally, I'd go for A Night In Venice