Sunday, June 17, 2018

The return of the big pants (Hammer Time)

Spring and Summer call to mind blousy pants. Cool enough, warm enough. 
And nothing says big pants like Hammer Pants.
The cropped jacket is intriguing to me.  That black and red version is snappy.
Yes, this pattern eludes me still. The bonus is the official iron on transfer with signature and logo. I'm just not into it enough to drop more than $20.

Fun facts about Winterland Productions
Links you to a cool short promo on what a fun thing it is to be underpaid to make advertising t shirts.
Ventilation not included.

(from the latter UPI link): "Bill Graham founded the company in the early 1970s to sell such merchandise as t-shirts and programs at rock concerts. The company also markets the images of artists on various products.

Winterland, for example, provided all the merchandise for such recent events as Live Aid, Hands Across America, and concerts by Bruce Springsteen, U2, 
Madonna and  Fleetwood Mac".

And MC Hammer.

This one had escaped my attention before. The lower right is aMAZing
You know the name Winterland from the San Francisco concert hall bearing that name. The concert portions of The Last Waltz were filmed there.

It's not the same thing, but it's the same thing; same vintage time frame, same styling. 
At the price point I can find at Value Village, that is.

And it is a 90 minute pattern. Once piece, cut four times.

This is the least I have altered a pants pattern. I figured I should see what I got straight out of the box.

Side seam pockets, btw.

Not to be confused with Thai fisherman pants.
This is quite the DIY rabbit hole. You can buy a pattern for them, though many other people have left a lot of drawings on the internet for you to look for.

This image is from 2014, Peter Lappin's Male Pattern Boldness blog,
 He has done all the heavy lifting you will ever need on this.
Obligatory photo of Ren and Stimpy pants

But none of us have made a pair in gold lame.
Not yet, anyway.....

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Summer Swing Top

Every summer, I make a bout...a gaumpty billion versions of the same top/dress. I get that summer's pattern down to where I want it, and then I just crank them out, with slight variations on a theme.
A couple of years ago, I made a shirt based on this pattern.
which turned into a series of woven pullover shirts, after I had refined the armscye fit.

You know the drill: there's the first, then changes, then the second, then more changes...
And I'm leaving out a couple.

This spring started the new one off.

with short sleeves and a new neckline.
Pretty much this shirt is the shoulders and sleeves of the previous shirt, with a new body. A trifle more width in the back between the shoulder.
And no buttonholes. 

I will go to great lengths to avoid buttonholes these days.

Originally, the * top had the semi v-neck. Which looked dumb.

So I picked it out and added seam tape for a little neckline definition.

I made the neck line into a circle that was a little tipped forward (the edge starts coming back to the center before the seam line)

and I traced off new pieces to make it's own set, rather than being the subset of the long sleeved version

 Just tracing over the old sleeve.

Taylor Mac watches over the process.

Still working on the selfie set up.

Hey, new pants. Same old pattern. We'll get to that presently. I do get MMMay points for finishing them (started them last summer).

Tasteful Incredibles2 scatter print sleeveless version.

I like to put my tag in the back on the facing. And yes, it's the Alexander Henry bathing beauties print.
And more in the next few weeks.
But right now, I have a present to make for a pal.