Saturday, June 19, 2021

Follow by email? A little housekeeping news


If you get this blog by email, that is going to change.

I can let it go, or find a service that will accomplish that.

Whaddya want? Any suggestions for replacement services?

Let me know in the comments.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Back Off, Interwebs


I get at least one, if not two, emails from Spoonflower every damn day.

(this is going to be a rant, you can tell, because the very first sentence has 'Spoonflower' and a profanity already)


The more a company emails me, the less I care. My own company is so guilty of this, they ALREADY are marked as a spammer in my WORK emails (and I didn't set that).

Spoonflower is the ad I see on every webpage as well.

Yes, I design on SF, and I spend time on their website, but I honestly feel stalked by them.  And this email is just taking it one step too far. 

I have not been browsing the site; I have been logged in and managing my account. I am getting mails from them as a designer reminding me that I get a discount and that they are having another sale for bulk purchases. Not to be confused with the fat quarter sale they just had. I have lost count of those sales this year. The minute I need one, I know they won't have one, and that's okay.

It just all sounds desperate. And I hope it's not, because they provide a useful service. I know from their videos that they scaled up to meet increased demand over the pandemic, and maybe that demand has dropped but the payments on the new machines have not.

The more I hear a message, the less I hear it. The public service announcments on the bus reminding me to wear a mask. The death toll on the radio. The emails from Burda.

I do open the emails from Burda.

Courtesy of the Uniqlo deluge, I spent some quality time at work on this

Because not all chores happen in a barn

And then there's this