Sunday, September 22, 2019

Will Hem For Food 2019 Edition

Finally have a new thread that works with the blue hems
For a human that wasn't going to get any more sewing gigs, I have a stack right now.
The only one that doesn't pay is the bag.

So here's what I'm doing and then I gotta go back to it.

First due are the first set of custom pants that have been in the works forEVer.

Finally nailed down the pattern for Helene and have cut out the pants. Sewing them up Monday night, she comes to try them on Thursday.

Some blue hems for the choir. Actually blue and black and 52 altogether.

Small iPad bag for Blondini, who selected the fabrics from the stash. It's going to be gorgeous!

The Thomas patio chair family have failed seats. I'm making covers for them out of that outdoor fabric. They are going to be a cool new method. Probably next weekend. Yes, it's fall and rainy. The actual family can sit inside.

I almost forgot to post anything this week. I hope you've all had a good month, have been enjoying Second Hand September with the IG fam.

I've got to get back on the blue hem train, so I can work on the pants tomorrow.

Oh, and I mended our basement door. Well, another 24 hours of dry time.

Flash! My sis sent me this link: Chanel atelier working on ballet costumes. The tulle petal colorwork technique is worth your time here

Friday, September 13, 2019

Sew Squad - Teen sewing advertised on NPR Marketplace

"Super Simple Sewing Patterns"
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My spouse dragged this out of me, and I do have a bright idea at the end.
No tech drawing? Hm.
Leaning how to sew is harder than it needs to be.
Super simple sewing patterns are boring. There's too much repetition of the same basic shapes. So much depends on fabric choice, and that's easy to screw up.
Independant pattern companies are plentiful, but pricey.
The price point of entry is always too high, because the cost of doing business goes up all the time. Shipping is EXORBITANT now.

We've seen these patterns before. We probably own them, in multiples. They are in many books pitching sewing to the young and fashion-friendly.

A mere drop in the bucket

The McCalls 6074 is not a teen-driven design, but it DOES say 'fast fashion' on the top of the envelope. The part you'll see in the drawer at the store. Also, jumpsuit pattern available on Etsy.
So the question is not: is this company worth paying attention to for designs
for how they sell entry level sewing?
Their social game is good. Zoey Washington is doing her job. 
hashtag squad goals
The product isn't very interesting yet. They are super simple designs, which are not original at all. To sell the idea that sewing these will be fun, 
I want more variety in the samples and more styling choices on the website.The website is the showroom; it's the selling tool and the place to show off the product.  
This sweater is not on the website. Give me a tutorial to make it, and I'm all yours.
It's one thing to show what you aspire to make on your Instagram feed, it's another to show results with your products. Add on projects included with the pattern to use leftover fabric are mentioned, but not shown. I'd use those items to style the clothing. If you have read a 'teens SEW' book in the last ten years, the emphasis is on making it your own. Search "teen DIY' - it's amazing. 

But my real argument is on this page, starting at the top.
This size chart hurts me. What generation are you selling to? Go check in on
They really do have it all going on right now. Also worth a read:
I would have started with the boys and the plus size patterns.
You want a hungry audience? That's fashion forward.

If I was your good reporter, I'd buy a pattern and review it, but I think what you see is what you get here. The patterns do come with instructions, a measuring tape and a sewing primer. The measuring tape part is new. The sewing primer could be great. There is a video up now, showing how to make the tshirt. It's linked off the website.

In this competitive market, the most successful online indies have a free sample pattern, so you can get a taste of what you're dropping your money on. I need to know what I'm buying here I can't get for less somewhere else? What is your secret sauce?

Hey, a flat lay!
Slang changes very quickly. Score and dope.

If you've used their patterns, let me know. I'm happy to be wrong.
The following has nothing to do with this story. I just thought the post needed a little more pink
collage from 1st Dibs