Wednesday, January 22, 2020

One Company to Rule Them All Gets Bought, and related thoughts

I'd like to thank Carolyn of Diary of a Sewing Fanatic for this link.

Previous to this event, the Big4/CSS released this pattern catalog, which I read through yesterday at Joann's

This coat is going to drive me mad until I figure out which game or book or movie it's aping.

back, just in case you forgot kids

All brands served here. 

Find it online!  I like that mom is doing historical, while child is doing piratical. 
Capes are their own category. Unicorns are animals, too.

Pageant = Not Beauty Pageant
Pageant = Church performance of Christ's birth or death.
I still think there should be an official 'rock' costume for the opening of the tomb, because I know at least one mom from my childhood who was really tired of winging it. Or do we all still use big appliance cardboard to paint one on?
Oh come on. You know the scene by now
Love, Actually
The ultimate costuming challenge.

 Annnnyway, back to the book:
 I'm guessing sizing has been made consistent between brands, because we're putting it in print.

Ease chart? Ooooh. Also guys, This is becoming the catalog I'm most likely to liberate from the table, just for this material alone. Then again, I did just take all these photos, WHICH YOU AND I CAN ENBIGGEN FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.....

This page just says it all. We are one. Subnoted 

Trademarks registered! Ooooooooh! All rights reserved? Oooooooooooo
For ALL of them?

Which brings me back to my usual licensed/unlicensed hand flapping. The brands have had competing designs that are licensed and pay royalties to the designer, and designs that.... don't.
Sarah wrote about this better than I could
Now in teal
So my question is: now that one company owns the licenses, wouldn't it make sense for them to tidy up their collections? Eliminate the duplicates and the unlicensed?
Or just carry on as usual? 
Whose signature on the license counts? Have the licensing companies paid one minute of attention to this? Would they? 
And what about Disney?  Because they care about this stuff. More so than LVMH ever would.

Yaya Han gets her own section. And yes, this is Marvel's Disney's Squirrel Girl

And the inspired by/unlicensed/mystery category 

Achievement unlocked!

 I've buttonholed every cosplay gamer I meet with the left side photo, and no one id's it.
Now this copy is new to me. Even though it references 'taking your game to the next level', I'm stuck on: Fierce 
Mm. You could get there. Certainly the instructions could help you with those flame appliques.

Frankly I'd do this one
All hail the queen

I'm going to leave this here, and spend some internet time with Design Group UK.
Of course, more later.
Fun link time!

We have discussed this licensing issue before, but to link up other people's work/opinions
(and a lot of hobbyist lawyering in here)

We talk about and link up the banana here

I highly recommend this one, because it's so not sewing related

There's a YouTube video linked in this one, from a panel at San Diego Comic Con

This will give you a little idea of Disney's relative financial interests

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