Saturday, August 6, 2022

Summer dress 2022 ideas

This dress has it's moments, but I'm not making it again
It would be nicer in a knit

back 8813 tilton

front 8813 tilton

This Marci Tilton.8813 The reviews consistently state: 
"does it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope? No, but..." and they give four or five stars routinely.

 I love the one dress I made from this, but it was a panic to assemble, I had to edit it pretty severely, and it took a lot of fabric. This plaid is a lightweight shirting plaid. Pao has made it a staple of her wardrobe,

but it needs..... a drapy fabric to really shine. Like a knit

The dress staple of my wardrobe has been the self proclaimed Cutie

Four pattern pieces, five if you count the neck facing, and the skirt is just whatever yardage you have leftover.
There are many more of them, most of them are twenty pounds ago. I'm wearing the Modern Sewing Woes model while I'm taking this photo

Check out the gapping in the front. The middle one popped a couple times 

Oh man. I am 63. I am not feeling cute. I have this pattern down, but something different is calling.

New ideas have issues, too.

This could work, but  it needs the bodice fabric to be cut on the bias to get the cut on sleeve to do that sweet drop, and a lot of novelty cotton doesn't read well on the bias (frankly a lot is based on a straight grid repeat, vs a half step down or to the right).

I'm also still team Shirt Dress, even though every one of them I have sewn in the last ten years has gone right into the thrift store bag.

So pretty much what I'm doing is mending and making some more short sleeve shirts
Between the Rue tshirt and my pop culture tshirt interests, I'm team ringer shirt lately
Which..... could be an idea.

But this was what I ended up making

"Which we will get to in a bit"


Sunday, July 31, 2022

I sewed a boat handbag

 I fear I do not have any good photos of when I sewed a boat hat for Seattle Public Theater Youth Program.

Oh wait I do have one

In this tradition, we now have a boat handbag
and it went to Seattle Public Theater to see a how
An hour into its day, it had already lost its front anchors.
Many pieces were reduced to a few. I used the patterns (traced them off) as a jumping off point for my more ship specific idea. Also invented the smoke stacks (that's where cardboard models are super handy). The placement of the pieces on the original tissue was organized by sets for tracing them directly onto bag material. I traced everything a little closer; and I meant to take photos of that, but they were blurry and bad.

And now, loads of process photos
This is my only real tip for handbag construction: it's sculpture. You want to make a model of less precious materials. In this case, I used paperboard (Costco puts this stuff on the top of pallets and it's really useful) and staples.

I also recommend lots of tiny bulldog clips. The dents they put into the vinyl disappeared quickly.

I traced the pattern from the sheet, adapted it for my ship
and traced those pieces onto my vinyl.


This project went really well, much better than I expected.

Joann's marine grade vinyl sews really easily by hand or machine: 10/10 from me
A small bag of sand is a handy weight that conforms to weird shapes. Will use this again.

Handsewn smoke stack. I added some glue to reinforce the stitches later.

There are just going to be a thousand clips in service on this project

Drafted and sewed a lining
Marked the magnet snap center point with a hole

The magnet is sewn into that poorly shaped triangle at the left on the flap

Decided a rivet was a faster metal thing to magnet to
Sewed the lining to the top of the hull.
The instructions are full of hot glueing stuff together, but sewing this stuff was really easy.
that rectangular hole is how you reach into the bag. Cause it is a bag.

Handsewed the deck/cabin flap to the hull
It got some grommets and a rope handle
A wheel and it's own iceberg
By the time it got to the theater, it had lost its anchors

I am exceedingly pleased with myself in a really annoying manner.