Saturday, August 26, 2017

Two Pencil Holders: An inadvertent tribute to Paint

So, I'm watching an Adam Savage "Tested" video on his channel on YouTube, another 'one day build', on making a traveling tape case 
(ok, so if you use a lot of gaff tape, you'll get this)

 but YO! 
Stop the video! 

DAMN! It's a pencil flap on the cap!

The glasses I wear make putting a pencil behind my ear troublesome.

You can see this in action at this point in the video:

check out the side of her hat (closest to left hand corner, her right side of her head)

It's an added on flap.

Kinda like this:
Sew a flap, and attach a snap to one end. Sew the other end of the flap to the inside of the cap on the side (maybe right by the brim like in the photo) and attach the reciprocating snap part to the outside so the flap folds up over a pencil and snugs it up. 

Or like the penloop for the notebook.
I've never posted this?
Apparently I haven't. If I have, forgive the repetition.

a. Sew a loop of wide elastic to just fit the notebook.  b.Sew a smaller loop to it to just hold the pencil in question.
  c. It could be a pen. I'm not a bigot.

Would this be easier to use with elastic in the flap OR just sew on a loop of elastic to the hat?
The loop of fabric would be like a funnel to the grippy part, make it a 'not looking, shoves pencil into  loop and it stays' thing. This would be good for slippery fabrics.

Or maybe you just make a flap with magnets (aiming the right way) and you can 'clip' it over the cap or the book and it would hold a pen to either one?

What would I do without Paint?
Learn Gimp or Inkscape.
Sigh! Microsoft, you are abandoning ME. Your last defender in this household. Paint is a damn fine tool. Paint3D is a toy. I'll maintain a legacy machine to keep it going.

You know, life is like a trip to the hardware store. It's  aisles of happy potential, and the fail line at the returns counter.
I am trying to look at it as the happy potential.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Last Minute Pocket Mending

I'm taking a break from weeping over my son returning to college by posting this. It was a mend that should have been done when he came home at the beginning of the summer, but it took five minutes altogether anyway.

There's a hole at the bottom of the pocket in the lined jacket.

Open up the lining enough to reach in

Pull it out through the hole

Stitch it up with pink thread because no one will see it

Reinforce the pocket on the other side while you have the patient open
Action shot!

Grab threaded needle from collection of pre-threaded needles you've stored (from the lengths of thread removed from the sewing machine while changing colors - do a little righteous dance here). Did I mention that's an emery strawberry, so they are sharpened too?
(oh, am I full of myself here? Sigh. Yes.)

Stitched up. 

You're welcome.