Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sew Expo 2013

This year's WSU Sewing Expo was missing a few folks (as was last year's). Sew Baby hasn't been here for a couple, and some of the independent designers have consolidated. Only one bookstore selling new and used craft books. And LaFred is sorely missed.

On the other hand, Saf-t-Pockets has expanded their booth and their line, and like so many (Sewing Workshop) have added 'e patterns' (patterns just on CD). I picked up a vest pattern from them and will report on it in a week. 

Linda Lee at Sewing Workshop still knows how to work a show. Bring lots of samples, and put them on racks on the corners of the booth so they are the first thing people see. Yes, they will get manhandled, but this sells the patterns more than any photo or fashion show. LaFred did the same thing. And don't be afraid to sell 'em. Yes, it's exhausting. Builds brand loyalty.

 Paying attention to the fluctuating fortunes of the indy pattern makers, I noticed that the ones who were thriving were the companies who had competent instructions. There are a couple of folks who are very good at front cover drawings, but mediocre at pattern drafting and APPALLING at instructions. I think I'm good, but I need an editor to make up things to ensure I haven't missed or messed up.

Much chatter about PDF patterns, making me think I need more information for the PDF tutorial I have up on Craftsy; how can I export a file and get it printed on one sheet at a printers'? Can I?

  This expo is still very much about quilting and machine embroidery, but there are more indy pattern companies, more import textiles, and now THREE shibori makers. Pendleton had a booth for the first time in memory. 

Now all we need is Craftsy to make the rounds.

And since it's the Puyallup Fair Grounds, we end with a snack.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Where do patterns come from? Paper!

It all starts with a photo. At least in this case, a photo from Teva Dunham's LoopdLoop lace book.
No, I don't want to make the leaf cravat.
I want the shirt.

So there are no notes as to where the clothes came from, and Dunham's website isn't listing much of anything right now.

So, time to get drafting.
Or folding, in my case.

These little pieces of paper fold up to be the bodice.

The muslin bodice and sleeve sloper (hey, I got..uh.. wider) is done.

to be continued......