Sunday, July 28, 2013

This is the yummy bathing suit from SisterMag, worth a look online as we wait
and wait
and wait 
for the pattern download to be done.

I love that it's a bathing suit/sun suit in a woven fabric (just like they used to be). I love that the princess style turns into side panels, with the gathers at the front sides and across the back. 

And attention Kenneth King: it's got piping!

As a booty-gifted individual, I am going to rock this idea six ways from Sunday, although  I will turn it into a dress (too old for rompers). It's one of those designs that will look really good on a human being.

Meanwhile, they have most excellent popsicle recipes!

So I will content myself with that.

Friday, July 26, 2013

More photoless posts from work

Customer Service Telephone Tips

If you want help, just ask. Don't tell me your life story first.

If you want help, do not call me by any gender-related pet names. If we were in the same physical space, you would see the big unhappy frown on my face when you call me "honey" and you would stop.

Please spell your name. All phone connections are now lousy.

This uptight Northern Yankee apologizes for her not being able to understand Southern Twang; she's working on it.

I really do want to help you. I want a solution, not an argument.

Do you talk to your mother like that?

You do? Ewwwww.....

(The Company Way, from How to Succeed In Business)

"Finch: Suppose a man of genius makes suggestions -

Twimble:  - Watch that genius get suggested to resign"

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Taking Time With FehrTrade

I'm at work today, and spending the down time reading Melissa Fehr's FehrTrade website from top to toe.

Nice discoveries:Fehr's Jalie jeans post which pretty much covers what you need to know about jeans, alterations and bleeding denim.

And Sister Mag, which is an online magazine for "digital women". It's available in English and German, and made for many of those popular tablet computer things you kids today are so fond of. Old people like me can page through it on their Flintstones-era computers.

It's awkward and brilliant, and has some downloadable patterns available (the  vintage style bathing suit link isn't quite functional yet, but it will be soon i hope). The popsicle recipes are disturbingly tasty looking (you'll have to page through it for those, kids).

Online means: I don't have to worry about page count, and it does go on a little long. Some stories are great (the business profiles are short and sweet: who asks who your first hire was? Smag does!), the review of the bio of Vicky "Grand Hotel" Baum made me long for a translation of the book, the hotel essays are a cut above the usual travel mag crap. And other parts...are well intentioned. I am going home to make popsicles.

Thank You! Melissa! A great afternoon on the web thanks to you!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Make And Mend and Mend 2013

I know, we don't start until the 22nd, but this is always Make And Mend Month.

So it's coming along, work notwithstanding.

Hole in the pocket where the wallet sits,  edition two

Lined and ready to go again

Lovely italian khakis, lined on the back inside, to get one more summer of them

Remaking stained tshirt, sewing and dyeing for texture and entertainment (mine, anyway)

And more of this fun later on. Gotta go back to work tomorrow morning.

To evenutally start this dress

And acquire more parts for my new baby!