Friday, July 26, 2013

More photoless posts from work

Customer Service Telephone Tips

If you want help, just ask. Don't tell me your life story first.

If you want help, do not call me by any gender-related pet names. If we were in the same physical space, you would see the big unhappy frown on my face when you call me "honey" and you would stop.

Please spell your name. All phone connections are now lousy.

This uptight Northern Yankee apologizes for her not being able to understand Southern Twang; she's working on it.

I really do want to help you. I want a solution, not an argument.

Do you talk to your mother like that?

You do? Ewwwww.....

(The Company Way, from How to Succeed In Business)

"Finch: Suppose a man of genius makes suggestions -

Twimble:  - Watch that genius get suggested to resign"

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