Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pattern drafting

It starts with an idea: hey, make a rain slicker that pulls over a kids' head and packs into a pocket. After puzzling how you get a kid to pull a thing over their head (big head, easy arms, little or no hardware to hurt anyone), the work starts.

These photos are from the last phase of the project: I've made the pattern, I've remade the pattern (I am glad that we resumed subscribing to the local paper because it gives me lots of newsprint to mangle on endless versions before I commit to flimsy drafting paper) and now I try to put it together.

I am trying to make a round object go into a round hole, which involves measuring the shaped edge to make it match the other shaped edge. I am growing fond of this new tool I have repurposed for the job. When I get really bored or desperate, I'm going to mark the beads for measurements.

While I work on smashing divergent items together, I am correcting my written instructions to detail any REALLY ANNOYING points along the way. This is one of them.

Wish me luck! And lots of coffee!

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