Monday, December 12, 2011

Kindle cover project

In another case of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em", I've been working on covers for the family of e readers and the e readers themselves.

First, find a book at the thrift store that sums up your feelings:

Then carve it up and put the thing in it. The marbled paper was a stash piece from a million years ago, and the perfect thing for the gift cover. Elastic straps hold it on, but you could use adhesive-backed velcro (I find the velcro is stronger than the glue that holds it on) or those removable adhesive tabs for hanging stuff on walls. Don't know about residue on surfaces, but I do know it's better than the velcro glue.

Try variations on a theme, this one in neoprene. I didn't need to cut slits on the sides for the page tabs, but I will mark for them in the future (push down on the fabric and the buttons work fine).

I have put a cord pocket on the back.

Of course, this is the one I use. Kitchen safe and I can always stuff some spare neoprene in the back for padding (gravity works better in my house). Or bubble wrap for that real DIY look

My next ebook is all about making bags from vinyl. So this meme will continue, I am sure.

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