Thursday, October 11, 2012

Make and Mend and Mend and Mend 2012

from left: shorts need new elastic, hat needs felting, bags need making, the pink and green in the middle are two tshirts that will become one pink and green floral cutout.  and that striking stripe is a vintage dress in needs of upkeep: new zip, rebuilt waistline, holes to mend. Missing is the new shirt pattern I'm working on, a cardigan made of doilies that just needs one more something, as well as the Assassins' Creed linen hoodie that is waiting for a spare minute. There's loads more on the pile on the right. And did I mention the green taffeta party dress?

I have the usual basket of 'needs done'

choir dresses skulk in the closet, waiting their turn

As well as the ongoing sewing job. Hemming and mending choir dresses, a job I picked up by reconnecting with an old friend from a job long ago.

Thankfully, the sewer who made them left long stitches in the hems.
7 stitches to the inch

Since most of sewing is ripping stitches out, this does make the job easier.

starfish and fishy skeletons in applique - how could I resist?
When I get over the hump of the choir dresses, this shirt beckons. Check out the poorly cut collar!

no amount of ironing will make a straight grain follow that much curve

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