Sunday, November 25, 2012

Armadillo Tote is Up!!!

Some projects come faster than others, and this bag came at my like a cannonball: hey! I know what I want this to be! I want to take the handle from that, the roll-up pocket from that, put the pocket where it's useful while the bag is in use, long handles that can go over my shoulder for easy carrying, give it a bottom that loads evenly....ah, I'm good at this thing some times.

Well, the ideas come fast, but the execution has to fit in with the other endless projects that require attention (mending mending, please make this for me mom, ad infinitum).

The pattern was a breeze to put together, and the instructions came together after making one up and photographing every step (saves that "did I forget something" dilemma) . The trouble was: camera took a bath in coffee and needed to spend a little drying out time. Esh.

But I got it all together today, and now it's up on Craftsy and all is good. Doing that happy dance and planning on cranking out a few for holiday gifts. At less than an hour front to back, it's a good one.

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