Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer is the busiest season ever, again

Summer is work.
No, really.
Paid forty hour a week work.

Computer entry, incoming sales calls, bookkeeping, packing and shipping magazines, talking customers through a webpage remodel, listening to old white men complain about those remodeled pages, teaching those same customers how to negotiate the internet and that damn email.

And then later on

And today. Busy day.

Rusted metal shorts and sword and spear bias top

I did go to the Seattle Opera Ring series, tried to get the Spoonflower fabric stuff done,  didn't get to wear the Ravens jacket as it was just tooooooo hot to touch nylon.

When the  job is over, there will be photos of the rest of the outfits. On me. I did wear the rheinwater fabric made into the Miyake tunic/dress. Derped up the side, have to unpick and redo to get it to drape properly. Photos would have been embarrassing.

And hopefully I will make it to this:

I have until September 8th.
Wish me luck; it will be a close one.

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