Monday, December 30, 2013


This is the 'oh good lord, it could be a good idea if it wasn't so much like a bald cap' first version of my son's bike balaclava, or Bikeaclava.

We've had a nasty cold snap in Seattle this last month (low20's F) which is, I am sure, a good hearty laugh for many of you. And a beanie just won't fit under the helmet and keep it properly fit.

If you have ever launched over your handlebars, this will mean a lot more to you.

I am also sure many of you like to keep your ears when you bike to school, or work, and if you are my son, your bike ride will not be denied.

The straps hold down the double layer ear flaps, the double layer should follow the curve of the helmet (if you draw on the base part while the model is cringing, you'd get a better match).

The base is a single layer of something thin and stretchy. In the case of the final version, a lycra knit. The flat fold goes in the back, the seam goes over the top of the head. 

The sidewalls are cut with the fold in the front, here in a rubbery windstopper fleece.

 Pin' em on, the back seam edges butt each other, not overlapping (trying to eliminate as much bulk as possible).

Because the black part doesn't need to stretch that much, it can be less stretchy. It's the top part that does the stretch work. I did a simple 1/16th zig zag stitch for all of it. 

The pattern I have up at Craftsy could be made smaller just by copying the pattern piece at a percentage. A 23 " head to start,  at 95% would be 21.85".  Or just shave off what you don't need (pencil first!)(or just copy it again).

Because the bottom edge does not need to stretch, I've been toying with some trim options. And a sweater that had an ugly felt accident yesterday.


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