Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jeans Jeans Jeans

A gal needs pants.

I cannot buy pants off the rack without alterations. I need to hem them. I need to bring in the waist in the back to accommodate my back porch.

Jeans have been the third rail of sewing for me. I like how they fit, but I hate buying a pair and taking it apart to make it fit  me. And I've doing this for years.

Who the hell am I fooling? I've doing the hard part forever (the alterations), and missing the fun part (the design and fabric choice).

left to right: first edit, second edit, third edit
I channeled my inner Kenneth King.
I traced off a pattern from a pair of jeans I have remodeled several times. They are disgustingly comfortable because they fit really well.
the original model

There's this moment in sewing/fitting for yourself that you discover why fit matters.

The Chanel jacket is a good example. It's not heavily structured, but because of the raised armscye and fit across the shoulders, it's easier to move your arms. You're not dragging a lot of fabric along; the sleeve goes with your arm.

Same for jeans. The fit is from the crotch. You raise your leg, the pant leg goes with you. You bend over, the waist should stay put.

In neither case is the material glued to you, but it skims your surface.

In a strange way, the better the clothing fits, the better you look. I don't look any smaller. It's just been edited down to remove the material that shouldn't be there.  I am wearing the pants; they are not wearing me.

So if I start with something that fits okay, I should be able to wear what comes from that.

And I have.
(to be continued)

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