Monday, September 22, 2014

Pants Pants Pants Sloper In Progress

I need to post a tutorial about making pants. And it will be free, because knowledge is power. Today I'm thinking about a pants sloper

Add a little ease, a little styling, pockets = pants!

I would take a pair of pants that fit well enough, put one leg inside the other and trace the crotch from them as accurately as possible (marking at waistband front and back).  Cut out that crotch shape  onto a big piece of fabric (old bedsheet, whatever you got to use/lose) as shown below. Mark the front and the back.

The resulting tube should be something you can sit down in without the elastic pulling down in the back and poofing up in the front. You may have to raise the waist to get to this. By the way, this is the hardest part of fitting pants. There will be darts in the front and back sections at the waist. 

You will need to make another leg to match this one, and sew up the crotch and repeat the process. It's not the most fun you've ever had, it helps to have help on this. 

It does beat the ptooey out of starting from scratch. 

I can't help but think that the fit starts at the crotch and works out to the outseam.  I can stand pants that are a little wonky at the sides but they have to fit in the seat and in the stomach or I just can't stand them.

Like so much in life, a work in progress. And now I need to put up or shut up...

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    A truly beautiful tutorial on fitting a muslin/corrections on the pattern. So clear, so true.


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