Monday, November 10, 2014

Digital Marketing Lessons

screen shot from April Bowles-Olin Creative Live workshop
would like to thank Creative Live for their free streaming. If you sign up now and watch it live, it's free. If you watch it later, it's money.

Spending today pulling hems and watching online instruction.

A pal did a CreativeLive online class and it was great, went well, all good.

On now and tomorrow.
Will discuss later.

Should I mention I live with a marketing guy?
We refer to it as the dark art....

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  1. Within the next 24 hours, you can watch this for free on their website (stops at 3:59pm PST, begins again at 4pm PST, runs all the way through, and begins again at 10pm PST). So I can take a break today and get up Out Of This Chair.....owowowow


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