Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New Vintage Make and Mend 2014 Loungewear Edition: Fail Department

If ya didn't know already, I loves New Vintage Lady, and I am a make and mender from way back.

And yes, it is December 23rd. Actually, the 24th. And I have been sewing pajama bottoms  and fleecy hats for holidays all weekend long.

Sadly, I never did get these to work out for me.

Decades of Style Kitchenette pajamas, with the thrift shop Ikea duvet I used. 

I prefer to make jams and pajamas from thrifted and home used sheets: already very soft from washings and washings.

The inset on the front sewed up in this order, from that corner. I could have gone from the center to the sides as well.

Ohmygerd, sewing over pins!

What little pucker there was ironed right out. I topstitched to hold.

Top left: front looks fine. Top right: Back looks horrible - the belt won't pull it closed without pulling it all out of line.
Bottom left: Back tie is too far to side, Bottom right: moved to edge of flap

This way, the belt should close the back and secure the edges so they will stop falling off me. Then they can wrap around and give me the waist I have earned.

But no. This doesn't work to keep that long, curved back edge from flapping open and pulling this off my shoulders.

So, I opened up the ends of the seam, and pulled clear elastic into the seam to snug it up/gather it up gently. 

It fits well enough now, but it's just been more fiddling than I want to photograph anymore. This is one of those projects where 98% of it gets done right away and the last 2% just drags on and on.

And frankly, I am not a loungewear girl. Step-in playsuits do not suit me, as lovely as this pattern seems and as soft as this fabric is.  

Sadly, I will hack this for the potential pajama pants. And we have no photos of that, thank you.

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