Saturday, July 25, 2015

Summer Dress Pockets

Continuing Summer dress mania:

I am a pockets person. Particularily in the summer, when I am at work, and I don't carry around a bag but I do need my phone and a notepad and keys and....pockets.

Fancy Measuring tool for pocket size

Hey, why is that straight side so long?

The selvedge edge stabilizes the offgrain side seams,  and makes the pockets easier to find with my hands

 I go for patch pockets on a bodice/gathered skirt design; the skirt is too wide and floppy for seam pockets (say it with me in your best Shatner: can't.find.seam.must.find.pocket.) They are less obtrusive if I can match the print, but if I'm stuck, I've outlined them in a contrasting bias trim to make them STICK OUT. I can't quite do the 'put them on the bias' thing

This just looks....wrong to me. I understand it from a running short on yardage/ "plaid is hard to match, lady" direction. Then again, the cut bodice sections on the bias look 'right', so ...your mileage may vary.

This would look super cool in stripes.

And yes, I will.

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  1. I've shied away from making patch pockets for myself (or any pockets) but when I do have them, like on Colette Lily, they end up stacked with my hankies. Hey, maybe that's what I should make next June: a new dress for Hayfever hankies!!


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