Sunday, February 25, 2018

Wrap dressing continued: the infinity dress

I never made one of these, they are still all over pinterest. I only searched this out because I noticed that  it's the dress for all the bridesmaids in this wedding video

and who says musical comedy has no place in the every day world?

 If you search on infinity dress on Pinterest, there are a billionity ways to tie this sucker. And until the fabric dies, it's all good.

simplicity 1154
Five yards for the full length,  3 1/4 for knee length

Ten more than the other? Ten better?
It has a youtube video too.

This is the chiffon/challis wrap skirt/dress. For your lightweight wovens (so they don't feel left out).

So you want to make your own? Best instructions so far are from
(that whole security http vs https prevents me putting a real link there. Poo) Copy/paste/browser. You know how to do this.

I watermarked all over it so you'll go to her page and get the real deets. She nailed it just for you. 

Essentially pants with the same wrappy bodice

I'm working on things that are not working out, and will 'wrap' them up in a week or so.

 Sadly, one of them was going to be my cosplay for Emerald City Comic Con on Friday.
The other is/was a hat to wear to SewExpo on Thursday.
Now I have to figure something else out.

To feel like I had accomplished something, I spent the whole afternoon changing the green thread to red on the logo.
I had the cat on my lap. I was trapped.

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  1. Yes these were very popular for bridesmaids a few years ago- one size doesn't fit all, in my opinion!


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