Sunday, March 4, 2018

What to wear: ECCC 2018 edition. I change my mind over and over again until I run out of time

I know, I go Dalek or I go home.
I should wear this around the house more often
I do have other looks.
Basic Jerry. For your 'i just can't' days
Except it's upside down.

Joes MST3K 'just another face in a red jumpsuit' red jumpsuit.
Pockets galore.

I would Alphonse from Full Metal Alchemist but that's a LONNNNG day in Worbla.
Why is this? Why?
And while i'm considering my choices and what I need to finish today
of course,
 i think of something new

Can I do it?
It involves wearing a headband.
The Shape of Water: Elisa and Zelda

breaking down her apron

and how I color sampled from the photograph
and then a detail shot
 The photo of Elisa and Zelda is very useful. Nice of Olivia Spencer to model the side of the apron so I can determine that it doesn't wrap all the way around, but has a curve on the corner hem. It's two fabrics (or one, dyed and then overdyed), an apron, a shirtdress and a very washed out cardigan. More 'finding or dyeing' than sewing.

There is, of course, no seam on the side of the apron, but it is very smooth, so a dart at the top under the cardigan?
I decided that if I found the right sweater at Value Village, it was a 'go'. And I did.
The quilting cottons fabrics matched (from the rainbow wall at Pacific Fabrics), the pattern is from the stash. I improvised the apron.

No photos of me in it, but I had a nice time and I made a new friend.

I hope everyone enjoys the Oscars this evening. Clearly I am rooting for the monster movie, but I loved "Get Out" as well. Follow Jet Sew Sewing (who is there this evening) to see what it all looks like on the ground at the Dolby.


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