Sunday, July 14, 2019

Yet Another Miyake Vogue 1257

You can tell that this is not going to be a consistent thing from this first photo 
But it's going to be just fine.


I've made them all (jacket, pants and top) since I bought this pattern when it first came out (there was a pleather jacket/pants ensemble in 1989), but the shirt has stayed in the rotation ever since.

 I lost the cuffs for this a long time ago. They looked tacked on, like they were transplanted from another 1980's Vogue shirt pattern.
One thing I need to make clear: I learned proper construction from Vogue Patterns, and even with 'avant guard' designs such as Miyake's, the details and instructions are always tailor perfect. Those cuffs and placket were perfect.
 The fabric came from the Pacific Fabrics flat folds tables, four cuts, in the silks.
They all looked alike at the start, but they washed totally differently.
Some wrinkled up tight, some were flat as paper.

 This is how I used the different pieces 
I love how this turned out. It's a little stiff, could be drapier, but it's the exact right shirt for these pieces. Particularly 2 will wrinkle back up just right when I wash this again.
Hang them up and they are all different again.
(photo post wash shirt)

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