Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Not enough hours in the day

 I started drafting this on the second week of February.

I started cutting this soft boucle cardigan jacket out the third week of February
It really has been drafted and assembled in ten minute bites. 
There's just not enough time. 

Because I knew I was going  to use this boucle knit for this, and I wanted pockets AND I don't like lumpy seam facings, I decided to put the side seams forward and put the pockets into those seams.
I might be stealing this entire jacket design from a Uniqlo one I got during lockdown, mashed up with a Uniqlo vest I got this year.
I mean, it's my MO, borrowing like a magpie.

Overlapping pieces to get seams to match. And the pocket is much larger than that little shape I drew.

Needed to add sleeve cap height, thus the added piece and the measuring tape.

Hoping I remember to add the seam allowances to these pieces.

Think I did okay. And yes, on some places I added a seam allowance. This did not bite me this time.
(shakes fist at the sky - not today, Satan!)

I'm making a jacket out of a knit, and I shrank about a yard of petersham ribbon to use in seams to keep them stable (the pocket welt, the front opening)

Using petersham ribbon from the stash to reinforce the front edges (like a sweater)

And using the same for the pocket openings

Cut out a shirt (Kaufmann Essex speckled linen) as a break

and it's just hanging out in the sewing room waiting for me to finish it between homework assignments for the last class for the certificate. Is it too warm for this right now?

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