Sunday, May 5, 2013

Origami Skirt gets an edit and some pocket abuse

So this is what is left of the instructions for Sewing Workshop Origami Skirt.

I just couldn't do it. I got the Origami skirt pattern on Thursday, from Nancy's Sewing Basket (I think it had gotten lost in the shuffle of envelopes, it was the LAST one in the pile). I hadda make it right away.

Mocked it up in sheeting. Adjusted for my shortitude, checked width, determined I could add width and give it an elastic waistband. Changed the marks around. Made a new tissue pattern. Slashed that up.

My usual paper mayhem. No photos, moving too fast.

So I wore it on Saturday night to the opera. Kept smacking my hand on my hip: where is my pocket? Pocket? I NEED A POCKET!!!!!

I am a pocketaholic.

Came home, and slapped it around today and now it has a pocket. The red line on the diagram is where I slashed the fabric and added it. In the one I wore last night. I did try it first on the sheeting mockup, which I had taken apart to make the new pattern for the elastic waist version.

Adding to happy, I scored a copy of the Origami shirt (also Sewing Workshop) off of AMAZON. ?? This pattern is from the Marci Tilton era of SW, and sorry but it's a total copy of Miyake Vogue 2056. Which Tilton did an article on, for Threads, with an out of scale drawing of the pattern piece (there is but one). I suspect that is why it is not in the catalog anymore.

I've been scaling that, making little models, and now I don't have to anymore! 

I can torture myself with that Vionnet bodice again!


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