Thursday, October 31, 2013

Costumes of years past

I find it hard to believe that after all these years of making Halloween costumes for my kids, after sweating the details and driving everyone crazy, that I cannot find a million photos of them in the costumes.

Not even the truck costume? Nooooooo!

Blondini made these himself

Robin Hood and Brown Ninja 2006

Homemade Owl (oh good lord, that was version 2, after the year before was less of an owl than a pile)

More Robin Hood

The family bee! Inherited, remodeled, would have taken less time to just make from scratch.

And me, as the Pope. Yes, I bought the miter. This costume is going to another party at the Episcopalian church this evening.

In more recent years, Blondini desperately needed to be a character from Naruto. Hours of sewing hour of wear?

Though I have made some sewing pals in the hunt for the details. Hey, C-Gal! Recognize the fabric?

And last year, the infamous white hoodie of Assassins Creed. As mentioned in other places, these are supposed to be dirtier, but not really dirty.  This link to a hoodie pattern is pretty dang wonderful

This evening, Blondini has a rehearsal for a show until 9pm, so the shame of his purchase of a military vest will not be seen in the neighborhood this year. Thing One is handing out candy with his galpal at our house again, and I am wearing the Left Hand of Doom (Hellboy) as the official Greeter.

Now all I need to do is find it.

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