Monday, November 18, 2013

Patterns of my Past

While I gird my loins to finish off the hemming project today, I perused today's offerings from Lanetz Living Patterns. Links to site below.

I honestly think this is the first pattern I ever sewed  7974 Simplicity apron. I suspect the vinyl apron my spouse brought with him is another product of this pattern. I'll wager most of you have this lurking in your past; it screams Home Ec project all over it.  My mother  taught me to sew, taught me a lot of rules I have unlearned over the years. She was a Simplicity sewer, I didn't get to Vogue until my 70's prom dress. Another day for that one (I still have the pattern, I've made it a few times since then).

This made me smile.  If you are looking for the  dress made of wood (print), a pattern of the go-to patternless sundress, this would be it. 

Vogue EZ high waist dress, buttons down front, wide neckline, short sleeves/sleeveless. I didn't use a pattern, I built it from slopers and a previous dress that was hacked from a Butterick back when you were a toddler. Patch pockets on the front work pretty well, I'd raise that waist to make it less boxy,  raise the armscye and open the sleeve a little. And then it just makes itself (okay, there are buttonholes, but you don't have to run them all the way down. Cheater idea here: just close up the bottom front with top stitching, and sew buttons down the front where they follow the distances as for the opening portion of the front).

This pattern is here simply because the drawing delights me. She is so happy about her new pants her mom made her, she flies.

I have some posts I am hanging onto, I have a contentious issue on the back burner that I will deal with when I get these chiffon hems done. Right now, I got work to do.

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