Sunday, March 9, 2014

Jeans x3 Sources

I didn't figure this out by myself. Nope.

I read. I traced my starter pattern from a favorite pair of jeans. I stared at jeans online. I gazed at my spouse's jeans in the laundry room and stole details far and wide.

I would never have done it for real without these pants.

The Pants of the King (from Craftsy class video)

I cannot begin to say how big an inspiration Kenneth King is. The man made himself jeans out of Fortuny fabric that a client gave him. Go ahead, go look at that page first. Would you? Why not?

  I cannot find a link online to the Fortuny jeans story from Threads that inspired this whole project, but there is the Craftsy class. Watch the trailer for a glimpse into the different pairs he's figured out. Even though I didn't take that class, I did trace mine from a pair that fit, and I would still give Mr King my money for his brain power. I hope to, in person, someday this year. He'll be in Tacoma soon! Maybe!

And now to the online info parade:

Grainline studio fly tutorial breaks it down nicely

Male Pattern Boldness Does Not Baste His Seam And Tells You Why. Photo: Male Pattern Baldness

Handmade by Carolyn's lovely fly. Photo: Handmade by Carolyn

It was a furious set of giggles that showed up reading the last one. The image came up on my "you really don't participate in Pinterest enough' junk mail, and lo and behold, it's probably the blog entry right before the one I started subscribing to 'Handmade by Carolyn' with. She takes inspirational self portraits. I know, everyone follows her, but she's really that good. Even her dog does a good selfie.

I do keep coming back to the same bloggers over and over again, sometimes by accident. More often that not, as a good reference from an internet search. Coincidence?

I have a few more jeans to make: they fit, they're comfortable, and that's all I am wearing right now. I just don't want to bother with the other pants anymore.

I'm in love with pants! Who'da thought?

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