Sunday, March 23, 2014

So Sew Expo?

Yes, this a photo I took last year. I was so underwhelmed this year, I did not bother to take photos. 
It all looked the same.

I know it's a traveling trade show, with many of the same sellers, and I have no issues with quilters, or sales shows,'s just not for me anymore.

I have been trying to put my finger on why I just don't feel the need to go again. I am envious of the presentations by Gentleman Jim that Victoria mentions in TenThousandHours; I just didn't see anything of that level of information or experience at mine. Then again, I'm the person who grumps about Threads Magazine not having enough content.

I think there is so much available on the internet now, between blogs and tutorials for information/education AND online suppliers of fabrics and tools, the Expo isn't the only show in town.
photo Tami Levin,  Lemon Tree Tales blog

One big difference: Treasures of the Gypsy does not sell online. They just tour their amazing collection of magical stuffs from 'spo to 'spo. And I love them. I give them all my money.

See these birds? Laser cut from nylon.
I have them on the collar of this jacket, on a hat, I've bought more in white, and some leaves in yellow and green was the BIG stop of the three hours I spent  at Sew Expo.

I left earlier, MUCH earlier than usual. There just wasn't anything else for me.

The Puyallup Fair Grounds have always had Fisher Flour scones (see, Original Fair Scone). And I got my scone for 2014.

And I ate it while driving home.

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