Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Free Sloper Patterns Still Exist But They Keep Moving

Ah, the free sloper is a moving target. Since this post, Ralph Pink's freebies went away. Link at the end is dead.

However, the JJ is still on Burda, hiding.

Still on, as  'flynow-top-pleated-culottes'.

No culottes, but the multisized, easy peasy sloper, from 32 to 46 inches.

No linky. You can find that all by yourself.

And Ralph, love the pants sloper! 

--erniek- sept 17, 2014


It has come to my attention (my email from BurdaStyle for today) that the era of the free and easily acquired bodice sloper is over. Yes, the JJ multisized sloper is gone, replaced by single size models, mostly for $.

I am very fond of Ralph Pink, and today I am fonder. He seems to be the last bastion of the freebie, and quite the set there is. Womenswear has skirt, dress, bodice, trousers (all sized 10). Menswear is jacket, shirt, and something called an "Overgarment".

Okay, I had trouble figuring it out myself. And it's a little puzzling to open and print, but pretty much, you need Adobe Reader and WINzip (to decompress the files), both freeware that have links on the same dang page.

Yes, the womens are in size 10. Yes, you can get this to work for you, without enlarging it after you've learned Photoshop or Illustrator (I am pulling my hairs doing that in my other spare time).

This situation offends me (no snaps to Ralph Pink, who never offends me). Slopers should be free. You have to put so much work into them, the basic layout should be a freebie.

I'm going to get to work on this.

In the meantime

Ralph Pink Patterns

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  1. Ralph has moved and links redone.

    Meanwhile, the JJ was moved in 2009, and now hides behind a different name


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