Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Purse Pen Pocket (hinge pocket)

Nestled in the corner, another pocket. Or is it lurking?

Yes, I have a pocket problem 
(took me a minute to type 'prob//, no, it's not a problem! It's a series of tutorials! Yeah!)

I got tired of hunting in the bottom of the purse for a pencil, a pen, a pointy thing. And I just couldn't figure out where to add one.

Until I pulled out the lining mending the zipper.

So, make a long pouch (make it wider than one pen. I went for three inches wide, folded over to an inch and a half / 5 cm.

Stitch up the bottom and the open side. 
Find that long seam in the lining, and fold it out so it's an edge.

Sew your pouch edge to that edge. I didn't even take out the content tag.

I tacked the lining down when I was done. I swear, most of my stuff is better sewn when I'm done with it. I'm like my dad; I'm a remodeler.

I am thinking this is going to show up again somewhere else. A hinge pocket could be great, could be a big pain, we'll see where it lands.

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