Sunday, April 29, 2018

Mamma Mia Super Trooper

 So one of your most dear pals ever asks if you think it's possible to make some costumes in two say yes.
Even if you have never seen Mamma Mia.

Yes, I pulled this off the internet from my Pinterest page. No, I don't know the actual source. I am really really sorry, but this is the best trio shot I can find.
There is a lot of shiny spandex here.
We need to do some research.
That Melissa knows her stretch stuff.

I lost a lot of photos for this about fifteen minutes ago, so lucky for you we're keeping this closer to the points I want to make.
The toughest part is getting reality and hope in the same room. 
I put my grown up voice on, 
I measured people and made them choose what they wanted, which features and which persona.
And for once in my life, I made a croquis to make notes on. Yay Organized Me!
And a rough outline of where the shiny bits can go. 

I wanted them to look unified.  Let's be honest: shiny spandex is 24$ and up a yard. And we're talking about a lot of yardage.
12 yards of lots.
This is a one night costume party set of things. The goal is: look sharp, don't fall apart, don't cost a billion dollars.
The original costumes are on display 
has a bunch of links.

My point for all of you about this: a budget is a great inspirational tool. If all you can afford are your old socks for the ant puppets, you work with those socks and make them the best and cleanest socks you can find. And many some pipe cleaners from the craft store.
The client's happiness is your goal. Making them happy, staying in the budget, getting the most for your buck, and getting them to talk you up to their pals.
Local options are limited.
No Joanns had a color they wanted, that I could afford that was in that quantity
So Harts Fabric  was called in. Bless that flash sale! As ever, they rocked it. They responded within a few minutes to an email series about weight and stretch.
And shipping.
Thanks kids!
12 yards is a lot to manage, so I rolled it up on a tube.
So those blue handled scissors are from the 'five in a bundle' pack at Joanns. And they power through everything. Better than any other scissors I have in the arsenal, even the 'fresh out of the package' Fiskars Titanium. No, I didn't try the Kai's on this, are you NUTS? They are at the bottom of the rack display, in the lower corner. Two years of heavy costume abuse and they Do Not Quit. I badgered a guy into buying them today, and as he checked out in front of me, the clerk pointed at them and whispered "these are the good ones". I know, I made her buy them a year ago.
This Joanns Glitterbug sequin fabric was $10 a yard, and friends, I did not leave any for you. I went back twice for more. The third time, they were out. 

Drafted and altered three people tops and leggings.

Originally zip tops and pants, turned into fitted t-shirts and leggings.

I know, you didn't focus on the big armor collar on "Space Commander"
Mocked it up out of paper, cut a pattern of cardboard. Not heavy enough.
This gets cut out of unused EVA foam and covered with the sequin fabric.

It has a tab on the bottom to pin it to the shirt, so it won't smack her in the face

White glue that didn't get smoothed out enough. No one is getting close enough to see this.
No photos of poncho. I did a flat collar band of the purple to keep it from poking her.
Actually tried on the sleeve pattern to check for drape depth.
Did I mention that I made muslins of junk knit fabric for them to try on?
I did! Yay Organized Me!

I did not find enough of this to make full leg cuffs/boot covers of rainbow stuff, so I put cuffs on shiny netting, also from Joanns.
I would like to thank the Joanns employees on Aurora in Seattle for helping me dig into the remnant piles to search for more. No dice, but thanks kids. 
This was the secret hotel room preview. Lookit them shiny babes! I have LOST the video of this dance routine. Nooooooooooooooo
On my way to deliver, I heard that ABBA was back in the studio.
Coincidence? NO.

I did buy a little for me. Cause a pink sequin hat is going to come in handy sometime.


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