Sunday, April 15, 2018

Atatac Pod Racer Jacket PDF Friday Night PARTY post one

L'Etoffe Fabrics put this link on their spring email.
And as always, clicking on the photos makes 'em bigger.

And so I clicked and there goes housekeeping this week.
And now I'm sharing. 

Interesting shop and design company.

Trying to make wearable digital design, with some visual wit and maybe toss some TR flavor on the mix. 
Even if you have no interest in their product or the rabbit hole you KNOW i'm wandering into, that description of their business and their model is worth five minutes of your time.

Where they are doing with this technology

There are no instructions. 

There are some clues, and a digital book of inspiration

It's free. I have some free time. I love an adventure! Let's jam!

The pattern sheet is one big picture. I will need to print it out in tiles/pieces 

Eighty pages. 
Next time, I'd do a screen capture of this small gridded image for reference.
Eighty pages can go wrong so fast....

Don't judge me on my printer. It still gets the job done.
You want the cut marks. If the paper misfeeds (and it will), you'll need the marks to line stuff up.

Eighty pages. 
And I have to stand there and catch them, because the catching box is AWOL.
Who recycled my box?

I use paper from work and home that was just printed on one side. Most of it is dead stuff from the fax machine, some of it is stuff that my boss just is too thrifty to recycle. I used to get this from a pal in a real estate office. Nothing sensitive. Lots of boilerplate. And I thank them all from the bottom of my PDF printing heart.

I did a print of the whole pattern layout for reference.

and then I marked it up when I went through the printed pages, to give myself a sense of how pages will relate to each other.
That previous screen capture shot would have been a good idea......

I taped this in strips, starting with the bottom row and working up.
Those cutmarks are tiny but clear.

overlapping action shots

and laid them out on the floor
while watching superhero tv.

Okay, back to the floor show.

You don't want to tape them down tightly - you will have to wiggle them to fit to each other. And a ten page strip has room for a lot of error.

This is only half of the pages.
The floor is disappearing. I will have to cut this up into sections.
The big piece in the middle needs to stay together, but everything above that are smaller and can be assembled on the table. and my back is killing me.

Cat in upper right for scale 

Ant for scale. That was the rest of the day. 

That's the big piece. If I try to fold it up, it will rip.
I get these big upholstery tubes at Pacific Fabrics by crying.

After the big piece was assembled, the smaller bits can be cut out and taped together individually.

Doesn't it look like it fell apart on the floor below?
Now I need to know more about what and how this goes together
the 3D viewer is at the bottom of the page and rotates
Clicking makes this readable. European Tuc tuc drivers?

The pockets are on the side that is not under the safety belt. There's a safety belt in a tuc tuc?
DAMN. I like this thinking!

But what are all these parts I've been cutting out? How many welts does a pocket need? Couldn't they be one piece, repeated?

After staring at the 3D model in rotation, and looking at the way the lines on the body reveal the grainline, I think I have it. And I will have to put it on the form to see how those sleeves work. 

And those u-shapes? They are the bellows for the cargo pockets. 
We have to stop here. Yes, this is a series. Yes, it will continue this week.


  1. Fascinating! Exploded geometry always intrigues me...I'm tempted now

    1. It's a rabbit hole, I'll warn you. Post two shorly.

  2. Well there goes my day. I'm already planning which fabrics I will use for the Cat Coat

    1. Bwahahaha! If I hadn't spent the better part of the previous year drafting a new coat, I could have used that one. Fewer seams to seal.
      And thanks for reading.

  3. I always wonder how these patterns turn out. I have a coat that is cut from one piece (50s pattern) I did make a toile, which worked out well. definitely going to look at these, thank you for sharing

    1. I almost never get past the toile. We'll see how far we get this time. And thanks for commenting!

  4. I somehow missed this post. Fascinating, but at a distance. I have a hard enough time with regular ole patterns. This one is a perfect fit for you, babe.

  5. This looks fascinating. Bonkers, but fascinating.
    Thanks for the post.

  6. Fabulous. Thank you for sharing - got sucked into their website immediately. Planning to start with the sweater pattern. I am assuming that there aren't any seam allowances and I need to add them. What have you assumed for the pattern you are doing?

    1. There is a 1cm seam allowance marked on some of the pieces. Melissa Fehr says the size model is a EU 3 (go double check her website Fehrtrade to confirm that). I've had to postpone the jacket until the summer, the mending tower calls me. And thanks for the comment!


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