Thursday, April 5, 2018

Alteration Nation:Adding width

Essentially, this is the dress.
Yes, that one.

Ten to eleven year old girls run a gamut of sizes, particularily on the 11 end. And someone needs a wider bodice this spring.
I could recut a new one, but out of what fabric? And what about replacing the rhinestones? This is going to get spendy.
Or...I can add width at the sides. It's under the arms, and if I have enough fabric from other hemming work on these, I can match it.
Hoarding enabled!

Ripping action shot
Serged some strips of appropriate width

Pulled off the skirt, added the strips to the side seam

So there is it. It is not an exact match, but when you  get them all together, all the dresses made from slightly different materials all look alike.
(the only one that sticks out is the one with the puffy sleeves)

There's still a hem to let down as far as it will go. 
So I'm turning up.....almost a 1/4".

Trimming up the unfinished edge of the hem. An actual dress I haven't hemmed before? NO! Just the new skirt someone else added.
They all come to me in the end.

The question is: will I get the job to make new ones? Will they try to buy something online? Will it be cheaper? 
Right now it will.
When it needs No it will not.
I am putting a bid together and we will see how it goes. But for my money, I'd cut the skirts as long as possible, because you can always hem up. Hard to add onto the hem without it showing.
Which could be a feature.
Or a bug.
We'll see.

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