Sunday, April 8, 2018

March Mending Madness: Navy thread edition

There was no Easter morning sewing group for costumes for the musical.

You do all the stuff with that one color, and then rethread.
You sew this way, I know you do. 
Black, grey.....

So after I navy's time for navy blue polka dots!

Hemming out the hi/lo feature of the chiffon overskirt brought my friend the laser level out of the box.
It is hard on the eyes, as the red light is reflected back from the poly fibers (like tiny mirrors). I don't leave this going for any longer than I have to.

I use coil-less safety pins because there's less to get snagged in the fabric with them. Craft and knitting shops have them. Worth the cost of a bag in saved tears.

I didn't need the antacids for this job, but the container was the right height for the level.

 I moved a lot of furniture around to get the dress on the form on a board on a tipped-over plastic box I could sit by to mark the hem; the whole assembly being altogether shorter than the height of the basement sewing cave was an hour I won't get back.

Next time I'll take photos. It's comical, certainly.

It's chiffon. Shams has a great tutorial for this.

I sewed a line, using the pins as a guide.

There is power in navy blue polka dots.

 How many different ways can I  take in the waistband on a pair of jeans?
This is not my greatest moment, but frankly, this process matches a pair the wearer already has, so I did it. Yes, I'd recommend pulling the waistband off the back and altering it and the back separately, Customer is right.

So spreading the darts to the center sides works to break up any monodart distortion.

And the dart in the stretch material is going to end in the pocket.

See this poochy dart end?
I hate stretch denim. It's going to do this at a fold or a turn now or later. Go look at every pair of stretch demin RTW you have. Look at the pockets? That lump won't stay steamed out forever.

Where is that poochy end? It's in the pocket!

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