Friday, May 23, 2014

Cherry Vintage Wrap Dress

Sewing vintage patterns is always a crap shoot. Sometimes the pattern is missing pieces. Sometimes it's fitted for a different style of figure (corseted, bullet bra'd, chest flattened). Sometimes, and we've all seen this before, it's just not a practical design. The thing that drove most people to look for a website where someone reviews sewing patterns is a pattern that just didn't make any sense. Not naming names, but sometimes a big company or a designer just .... leaves something out. Doesn't work it through. Doesn't actually test it out. The infamous Vogue 7464

I am sorry that the blog that  I have linked this photo from is no longer up.
This fine lady  has taken a swing at it, so have I, but the only successful one I've seen is Fashionable Forties's lovely green felt model.

So it's not out of the question that you can make up something and find it's more like an Escher drawing of a house than a real house.

I am a sucker for this style of dress, and usually it doesn't suit me. It's as if I am still trying to date that guy who never gave me the time of day. "Maybe this time...."

This collar does not wrap around a neck, unless it's 2D. So that had to change.

For the sake of argument, I am not altering anything about the pattern per se.

I am: adjusting/revising the back neckline.
I will add piping/a contrast 'flare' on upper bodice to high light the front opening curve/make those handmade buttons pop.

I am not making buttonholes. I am fronting with buttons, but making holes big enough for the size of button this needs that will show up on this print; those holes will be enormous. So, snaps behind. Buttons sewn on front.

Making a hat from what little I have left.

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