Monday, June 23, 2014

Fashionary Tape Questions

I have promised myself not to be a crank anymore, and I have mostly good days, but I am bepuzzled and redamned by this product.

Remembering all the body measurements is too harsh
Feeling tired of checking body measurements when creating outfits? Those days have become history. We created the Fashionary Tape Measure which is the World 1st tape marked with advanced body measurements.

30 Womens Measurements and 27 Mens Measurements are precisely marked on the white and black side of tape respectively with womens size: 38(EU), 10(UK), 6(US) and mens size: 48(EU), 38(UK, US).

I am confused. I thought the idea in sewing was to make stuff fit me. If I fit a standard size, I wouldn't have to sew for myself. And nobody is a perfect standard size.

This would work if you were making something to a size for sale to someone you'd never met, because you are drafting a pattern for the item. Which I know you would be, if you were selling it. It could be very handy for that.

I do like a big tape measure with imperial and metric measurements, and the printing is clear and the presentation is handsome.

Beyond that, I can't see the sense of it. The thigh measurement alone, oh, don't go there.

Oh go look at it yourself. If it makes sense to you, you can come back and 'splain it to me.
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There is an update to this post here

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