Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Polly and Dolly Stayed Up Too Late Online

Polly is the freebie tank top from By Hand London, who have many fine dress patterns of legend.

I don't believe this is a very flattering version of this, but it shows the pieces off well.  The alteration dart/curve is around the center panel.  Devilishly clever piece of drafting. Could be a devil to turn those opposing curves into one seam, but with patience and a world of pins, you could have an amazing fit there.

and I would not have downloaded this without spending the entire evening

 (when I could have been finishing watching Jeanius! or Doctor Who or Archer or FullMetalAlchemist....)

reading Dolly Clackett, whose devotionals to the short sleeved, fitted bodice and flared skirt dress provide the legend. We share a strange love of novelty prints and making the same dress over and over again. And who doesn't? Really?

I am the proud owner of three yards of "Home Sewing Is Easy - Hawaii" thanks to Ms Clackett. And the dress I'm going to make is going to look all too much like a mashup with this and it's friend, the Wood Dress

I also bought  a dress worth of Heather Bailey's Painted Mums

because of that damnable Clackett.

NO more staying up reading sewing blogs for me! Bad ErnieK! Bad!

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