Monday, October 27, 2014

Between projects

Once again, the grey choir ladies have returned.....
Lord, look at that cleaned off table! You can see the seam ripper! And the big pins! Kids, this is a photo from two years ago, and that table is still there. Somewhere. Under the stuff.
First off....
Cleaning up.
Re-padding ironing board.
Last minute mending
A semifail on the Loungewear make for New Vintage Lady's challenge

Cute fabric, fun pattern

Front, okay. I'm box shaped but it's cute and comfy

Back.... Cross ties not working and nobody wants a full back shot of this. Still poking at this but so far, it's not making me happy....more later.

I've been going through stories and tutorials on the computer and printing them out for a binder in the sewing room (don't have internet/puter in sewing room)
Do have semidead laptop for movies!

For the vids, I've gone through and taken screen shots when useful and copied them into a  document, alternating pics with typed in notes.

Copied and hole punched.

I already have a Bias workbook, the title confuses my sociology friend. Many different biases to be studied.

Pruned the pattern collection - going to stash shop and sewing workshop for donation/ favor currying.

I mean, I don't need them. And I like Ms C's shop a lot. Someone will find them useful. It is always a good thing to curry favor.

Who doesn't like a good curry?

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  1. I think everybody's been gnashing their teeth over Fall projects. Finished mine and now it's cleanout time. Winter's coming!


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