Sunday, October 12, 2014

the International Crafty Football Blog Hop

One of my secrets is that I do some work at a fantasy football magazine

I work for my old college pal Bruce. He is a great boss, a fine human being and a master of toasted cheese sandwiches. See, seven years of college paid off!

I am not a football person, but I play one on the telephone. And my son is a football fan.
Which explains why I am the October 17th stop on the Craftypod football blog hop.

Monday, October 12th -- -- NFL clear bag
Tuesday October 13th -- Football Stadium scarf

Wed, October 15 -- -- Shrink Plastic NFL Charm
Thursday October 16 --

Friday October 17th - me! Another tshirt remodel (or the Revenge of SuperBowl )

Monday October 20 - -
Tuesday October 21- - Cross Stitch Guide to the NFL
Wednesday October 22 --
Thursday O 23 -- - Aussie Rules Ball toy/rattle

(See this is an international hop!)

Friday October 24 --

See you this Friday for a trip down tshirt memory lane.....

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