Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pen Holder Hack(s)

Okay, I am working on a few other things that are shiny and distracting and have piping and waterproof zippers. SewExpo in Puyallup is coming up; so is Emerald City Comic Con. What to wear to either? Both? Making a Surf to Summit Fehr Trade rashie for the Pattern Review workout wear contest.

That and I had a birthday. And the teen had a 18 year old birthday. And the Seahawks won. 
Okay, it's busy town like always.

I am always pondering tool storage and bag hacks. And I loooove Jet Pens; I go to their emails almost faster than to Idle Hands (and I love Idle Hands). 

But this seems a bit overpriced for something you can make with duct tape.

Take a piece of heavy tape (gaffers tape if you want to upscale) that's three times as long as the 'wrap' distance around your fave pen/pencil. Goo side up, place another piece of tape a little longer than that 'wrap' in the middle. Apply to back cover of chosen notebook so that none of the goo is going to touch your pen/pencil. 

This works better with a pen with a clip, but you can put a piece of thin fleece or scuba fabric or something squishy in the place of the 'wrap' tape, and that cushion will help hold a pencil.

This will last as long as the notebook will.
Seahawks make front page of NYT. Left coast WIN.
This is the quick and dirty version with wide elastic, glue and duct tape (I was running out the door to a conference).

Your results will be prettier.

And speaking of pretties:

There are a lot of patterns out there for this pen case. The trick is the zipper; either get a long one and do the endless zipper installation, or use a regular zipper and tack the tail into the center fold at the top.

Of course I am making a pattern for something far tricksier. When I'm not doing that other stuff. 

Yes, boss! Back to work!

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