Monday, January 26, 2015

A little rick rack in the seam is a nice touch

Working on something. 
Somethings, Buncha somethings. 

Yes, sis, I'm making you that shirt. No, yours will not have rick rack.

 And yes, I've got the last part of the Emerald City Comic Con cosplay suit in the works. I need two blue LEDs and a couple of dead K cups. Picking up the derby tomorrow morning. 

And I've got rick rack on bees.
the colors are creamier than this

Yes, this is the Tula Pink bee fabric. This is the most ridiculously soft cotton; it's made for clothing not for quilting. Yum yum yum.

ohmygerd apencilline!

The fastest way not to mess this up is to pretest to determine where in the seam the rack should ripple. I've got some tested, and I'm going for a half circle exposure. Although there's plenty of options.
for example: do I want to just have half circles, lock ness Nessie 'bumps' or the full serpent? Or do I want to entwine two different ones?
First of all, it should be even. "rip out the parts where it's an 1/8th off and redo them" even. And that's boring work, so preparation is a must.

 I figure out where the seam line should be,  where that puts the rick rack in distance from the edge, mark the fabric with pencil for the line the indent will follow (easier way to line up a steady curve the eye will enjoy than by the outside bump) and baste stitch it there. 

I make sure I am not sewing on the seam line, as I don't want any stitching showing at all. And it's easier to go back and pick out the bits that wobble and wander if they are two distinct seams.


I hope all you folks in the eastern US are all ready to stay home and read for a couple of days, hopefully in heated snowcaves with plenty of warm food.  Out here in Seattle we are experiencing the upside of global weirding: it's sunny and 60F today.  In January.



  1. Out of a puzzle room? This could be interesting!


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