Monday, February 2, 2015

Self Shaming Into Cleanup 2015

Sick at home and shaming myself into finishing or giving up on the giant piles of UFOs.
For your amusement, and sheer terror, may I present:

the 2015 "I'm gonna's"

mendables, remodelables, rendered into useful scraps
I could describe it all, but it does fall into some tropes: things I love that I just can't give up on (sweaters with holes), projects that were interrupted for jobs, and worst of all: fabric I love made into wadders that I think I should be able to rescue.

what I had, what I scrapped, what I'll work on this year

The worst of these is that blue green scrap in the center. It's a failed Spoonflower kona print that we will talk about some other time. I picked out what I knew I wanted to have, and dumped the rest.

yarn, yarn, ribbon: peewee? Saving the ribbon and the PeeWee trading sets. Selling off or donating the yarn. I can't knit for any length of time anymore; it's pretty, but it shames me.

Raincoat pattern under way ; where?
Granted, I've been sick (this year's flu is a nasty customer), I've been working on two or three projects at the same time, and there's that rick rack thing. So I haven't done the big clean between projects, at least I kept the space around the machine tidy. 

But this is maximum chaos, even for clutter lovin' me.

next blouse pattern for Craftsy in the stripes

how does she work in here?

It's an utter mystery.


  1. Stash-shaming! Let's do a telethon! I'm sewing in a small space so everything's stuffed in closets. I keep thinking if I just keep doing projects, my stash will get out of the way of my tools and the cute stuff I got at the Container Store.

    1. In the back of my room, there is a closet that is full of cute storage solutions (sticks fingers in ears and hums to distract herself).


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