Saturday, March 21, 2015

Vote Jeans Vote

Vote baby vote!

Should have the Emerald City Comic Con process photos up in the next couple of days. The Dalek daypack is taking longer than necessary.

My house needs purging.

So of course I went to an amazing estate sale yesterday, because I need to get rid of stuff. I bought two of these hats (pink center left top) (cream center bottom) and a linen schoolgirl (think Madeline)  (not shown). The pink is utterly perfect - why the vintage guys didn't pick it up, I don't know (they bought the purple fur one ferchrissakes). The cream is going to be a Regency bonnet this week.

I'm going back tomorrow to take photos of the house. I have probably walked by it a hundred times and never noticed it, but it's just....stunning.

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