Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Emerald City Comic Con 2015: The butterfly dress edition

I have a lot to say about cosplay, but I need you to see this costume before I've sorted all that out.

She made it from individually applied faux wings, and had no idea of it's origins.

You and I may know it from Alexander McQueen's Spring 2011 collection (this one by Sarah Burton)

She only knows it from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. 

No photos of me there.
I had a prominent zipper blowout and had to sew myself into my pants to get home. 

Partially finished Dalek bowler hat

Once I get this other costume (Regency bonnets!) job done, I'll do a proper photo blog, but in the meantime, let's look at that again!

I am sorry I do not have her name. When I do, I will edit this to suit. I do have her permission, btw. That seems to be the point of cosplay at the con.

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  1. Something similar's going on in Boston today. The Prudential Mall is full of people in really bad costumes and blue wigs. I wanted to sit them down and give them a fabric choice/quality sewing lecture.


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