Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spoonflower Ultra Lawn Looking Goooooooood

Got my swatch set from Spoonflower yesterday, and the swatches are washed and ready for the verdict.

So far the ultra process has been good; little to no crocking, deep dark colors. I'd show you the photos from the poplin test BUT THE PUTER ATE THEM.

So this is the Cotton Lawn.

Top is unwashed, bottom under rip is machine washed and dried

The bottom on the Dalek print is wrinkled and perfect.
Did you see that?

This may just work yet.

It remains to be seen how far off grain these print up. The swatches are off by 1.5" from side to side (I rip to test), but I don't hold them to grain for the swatches. Yardage is where it counts. 
And that's after the next paycheck. Hobby's gotta pay for itself.

But right now, I'm happy.

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