Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pride and Prejudicial Hats

Hats. I'm on the hats for this one. I'm still hip deep in it, but I gotta get back to work, so here's a photo story about....hats.

Mrs Bennett's mob cap, early days of pleating

Gather? Yes? No.
Mrs Bennett's hat needs more shiny
Much more shiny....

Also on Vest Patrol: Mr Darcy's future vest, versions one and two 

This bonnet owes it's life to Lynn McMasters and the Oregon Regency Society

Come to think of it, the whole show does.

Later, it gets feathers. And a bird.

The feathers read okay from here. But you can't see the bird...
This is the all upholstery production.

Which sorta goes without saying

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  1. I would have said Mrs B's cap was perfect but when I saw the gathers... oh yes, exquisite. Really lovely work.


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