Saturday, May 9, 2015

High Stylin Road Trip

I know, I went a month ago, but I've been super busy updating patterns and sewing costume stuff, so here is my backhanded view of High Style, at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco
I went with my sister, who provided the press tix for the Ballet, and I was to buy the High Style tickets. Which I did, and then she got sick while we were there.

She stayed in the hotel, I took the Muni across town.

Lincoln Park is a crowded thirty minute bus from Union Square

And it has a public golf course

And this. Spreckels money. Thanks sugar barons!
I haven't been to the LofH since ...1978. An amazing collection of Rodin, proving that early money is like yeast, at least if you're hoping to collect the entirety of a man's artistic output. 

But let's go see some clothes!

Okay, for those of you with large lace tablecloths, this is the stuff for you.

Finish the awkward ends with ribbon and tassels! Voila!

I need to explore using tassels to keep things lined up.

So very Fluevogian

I am making this hat in the autumn, so help me

This Vionnet is a mess on the mannequin both here and in the catalog that goes with. The sleeve is going to drive me crazy later this year. 

Vionnet and Gres conversing

Adrian and James both have central horizontal tucks for shaping

La Sirene!

The open half is facing the wall

More open sides facing the wall. Booooooo! What was the point?

Redone zipper pucker? It was very prominent
At least we got the video for the structure of this dress. The photos I have seen of the Charles James show have a lot more info on how things were made, but this is supposed to be the overview of the Costume collection, not the James show.


I was there just in front of a bus load of very stylin' ladies

Once a ceramics major...

...Always a ceramics major

Nice to be reminded that many folks made paintings of the tower under construction, including Seurat

I just loved the frame

This is very unflattering, but it is proof that yes, I do not hate the ballet. And we got there absurdly early.

And our press seats were in row M for Ratmansky's Shostakovich program. I love that drapery.

I know, some people truly dislike this place, but I always have the best time. I think it has to do with my upbringing, as it always turns out I know someone who works the floor. I guess I grew up with grumpy ladies who moved from Seattle to San Francisco.

One more stop, third floor. This photo is mostly for reordering reference.

Apple store first day of orders for some timepiece...

And of course I went to kick back and look at some costumes in a movie....

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend (ok, maybe not your sister getting ill). I'm not crazy about most of the outfits tbh but the siren dress with the horizontal tucks reminds me of a top I once saw in All Saints (a UK yuppy-goth store, too expensive for me but nice design) that I meant to copy and blog!! And I'd never heard of Fluevog- see, you're educating us!


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