Sunday, September 13, 2015

Off License; Commercial costume patterns I love

With a little editorializing....

Sailor Moon is published in this country by Kodansha Publishing

Dr Who is a BBC production, which controls it's licensing worldwide

Hey, Harley Quinn! Poison Ivy! uh.. Joker Girl?
DC Comics uses Butterick for it's costume patterns 

I own this one. Not ready yet to commit, but a decent fat suit pattern is always good

And then again, sometimes we do have a deal
With Disney

McCalls however, is going in like Flynn

and rockin' versions of the dresses in question

McCalls 6817 soo much better than

As exercised about trademark as I can get, more is better.

Especially this one

McCalls 7217. Yaya Han scares me a little, but that's good. 

Well made pattern, nice lines.

May rival Kwik Sew's 3052
Oh My God: in a world of their own.....

Damn, I BOUGHT this one

Sexy Munchkin?

McCalls 6074. Troma!

Simplicity 9965: Unrelated but it could scale up...

But this is still my favorite of them all
Because we are off to see the Wizard, we gotta get him a suit!

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  1. Cute!
    Well not all of them obviously. I'll file away in case I get asked to make a costume again.


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