Thursday, September 3, 2015

Spoonplay with Cosflower

I've been yapping on and on about Spoonflower potential for cosplay fabrics.
Since today is Free Swatch Day (for Poly crepe), it's another good opportunity for you to dip in  and try this out for yourself.

Obviously I got something to shill for myself

too dark, I know. Lighting hard.

But other folks have lots of good stuff for you to work with as well.

See what they're doing with this? Isn't that a detail you'd love to get with your makes?

Do a key word search of 'cosplay' or whatever thing you're into, and stuff shows up.

And speaking of stuff, I've been slow in doing a test drive on the Sport Lycra that came out a few weeks ago.

Like all the polys, it takes a print like a dream. Photos look good. Details are crisp.

But how it does it stretch?

It's a midweight fabric  8.4 oz per square yard

At the 10" mark, it starts to break, which for a weight you could use for leggings is okay (you don't want to overstretch and distort the print, you will do some fitting on side seams)

Scarier issue is the white mark where a pin snagged the fabric and the white broken threads came forward with a pretty noticiable mark. Keep those pins out of the main fabric, kids.

It's a medium shine, not a matte, not a gloss. This will show less on lighter prints.

It's got potential for faux textured 'armor' or skins. Anything that would have a low texture could be nicely faked with this.

Like this maybe

I made this just with the PicMonkey feature - dots and textures and some color shifting.
And because I made it, I can buy it on Spoonflower with the designer's discount of 10%.  Yes, it's spendy, but it's custom and that's worth it for the detail you can get with this.

(the poly will give you a good idea of the level of detail you can get on their poly fabrics)

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